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Book Review

Wind Daughter

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Joanna Ruth Meyer’s dreamy, enchanting novel "Wind Daughter" follows a beekeeping teenager through her atypical coming of age. Satu was born out of time, and feels out of place, in her cool mountain village. Her father, who was once... Read More

Book Review

Little Bird

by Jeana Jorgensen

In Tiffany Meuret’s contemporary fantasy novel "Little Bird", a divorced woman encounters magic beyond her comprehension, shaking up her messy life and forcing her to assess her priorities, as well as the meanings of life and death.... Read More

Book Review

The Lost Ryū

by Ho Lin

In Emi Watanabe Cohen’s family-oriented fantasy novel The Lost Ryū, a boy, with his miniature dragon, comes to grips with past tragedies and forges ahead with optimism. Ten-year-old Kohei lives in Japan, where most people keep ryū,... Read More

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