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Book Review


by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"Triangle" is a provocative and complex science fiction love story. Facing an uncertain future while struggling with unresolved issues from the past, three lovers explore the boundaries of human nature and relationships in Sara L.... Read More

Book Review

Wet Wings

by Mari Carlson

"Wet Wings" sows seeds of beauty and elegance, but fails to reap much lasting wisdom. Joseph B. T. Mosata’s protracted romantic fantasy "Wet Wings" features a lovestruck biracial couple who are aided by angels in defeating their... Read More

Book Review

No Less Days

by John M. Murray

In the engaging speculative Christian novel "No Less Days", an immortal man grapples with his faith. David Galloway is close to death when a well-meaning doctor injects him with a serum that grants him seeming immortality. David lives... Read More

Book Review

The Edge of Over There

by Karen Rigby

"The Edge of Over There" is a mesmerizing, menacing fantasy. Shawn Smucker fuses New Orleans lore, Christian themes, and dystopian landscapes in a thorough exploration of love and its unintended results. Following The Day the Angels... Read More

Book Review

Love vs. Duty

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"Love vs. Duty" is an engaging fantasy romance about the difficult choice between love and duty when the future of the universe is at stake. In Nick Dream’s fantasy romance "Love vs. Duty", Greek mythology meets alien invasion as... Read More

Book Review

The Books of Norene I

by Nancy Powell

Wolves and Werewolves is an imaginative and exciting fantasy adventure that puts a refreshing spin on werewolf mythology. In Jane Sefc’s action-packed fantasy adventure Wolves and Werewolves, an uneasy truce between the werewolves and... Read More

Book Review

Joe and the Halloween Mystery

by Nancy Powell

The allegorical narrative revolves around a battle with Satan, drawing clear, black-and-white lines. This follow-up to Joe and the Peace Eternal is a swashbuckling biblical fantasy that pits a hunky former Olympian and his trusty,... Read More

Book Review


by Monica Carter

The narrator of Patrick Parks’s surrealistic novel "Tucumcari" is a man who floats through memories and time, addressing ash-covered cities, the atom bomb, and his wife. Lean, direct prose anchors his feverish meanderings. Fantastical... Read More

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