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Book Review

Lost Prophecy

by Susan Waggoner

Lost Prophecy: Realm of Secrets is an exciting fantasy with depth beyond its entertainment value. In C. C. Rae’s enjoyable and complex young adult fantasy, Lost Prophecy: Realm of Secrets, three friends battle against incredible odds.... Read More

Book Review

The Human Alchemy

by Peter Dabbene

"The Human Alchemy" artfully delivers creeping unease and heart-pounding scares camouflaged amid the familiar trappings of everyday life. These are stories that will haunt you more than any monster. “Psychological horror” might be an... Read More

Book Review

And Then There Were Crows

by Rebecca Hussey

Alcy Leyva’s "And Then There Were Crows" is a funny and fast novel in which angels and demons unexpectedly invade the isolated existence of the book’s endearing and prickly protagonist, Amanda Grey. Public spaces make Grey anxious;... Read More

Book Review

Veins of Gold

by Karen Rigby

Fantasy novelist Charlie N. Holmberg fuses melodrama, romance, and magic in "Veins of Gold", a fanciful tale set in nineteenth-century Utah. Anime flourishes and unpredictable marvels pave a young woman’s path toward belief. Gentry... Read More

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