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Book Review

Dwarf Story

by Edith Wairimu

In the exciting fantasy "Dwarf Story", the mythical world intersects with our own as a legendary war draws near. In W. W. Marplot’s imaginative middle grade fantasy "Dwarf Story", humans and mythical creatures prepare for an epic... Read More

Book Review

Inferno Dawn

by John M. Murray

Inferno Dawn: The Final Name is a dark, intriguing fantasy populated by intense characters. In Jacob Andrew Emrey’s fantasy adventure Inferno Dawn: The Final Name, difficult moral issues are considered in a world that’s divided by... Read More

Book Review

Wizard for Hire

by Laura Leavitt

Obert Skye’s Wizard for Hire: Magic Required concludes a rambunctious trilogy with wacky conversations and adventurous wizardry. The story begins with Ozzy, whose early life was marked by tragedy and isolation, receiving his official... Read More

Book Review

Beast Heart

by Aimee Jodoin

In Kyle Richardson’s steampunk adventure "Beast Heart", two children are pushed to their extremes when catlike monsters stalk their city. In the city of Iron Bay, nine-year-old Gabby’s hand turns to smoke. Her mother hires an... Read More

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