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Our Quantum World and Reincarnation

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Brener shares his conviction that quantum physics contains scientific proof of reincarnation.

Does anything survive the death of the body? Milton E. Brener responds with a resounding yes. In Our Quantum World and Reincarnation, Brener cites research in quantum physics that he says supports the teachings of ancient sages, shamans, philosophers, and spiritual leaders, as well as those who claim to recall past lives.

Brener presents twelve compelling case histories in which people, especially children, have memories of past lives, and he follows this with an introduction to quantum physics for laymen, including its history, controversies, and important figures. His coupling of quantum physics, especially its idea of entanglement, with reincarnation offers a new perspective on a topic usually considered the province of religion.

“Quantum physics is concerned with the very small, the atoms, and the even tinier items called quarks, three of which make up each proton and neutron which are the components of the atomic nucleus,” he writes. “They do indeed survive death. For practical purposes, they are forever.” Brener explains that they also have very strong bonds with each other, a feature that physicists call “entanglement,” and exist in relationships that are “stubbornly retained”; no matter the distance between them, any change in one of them is simultaneously made by the other.

Brener’s explanation of the science behind his argument is most often clear and concise, and, although his sentence structure is at times unwieldy and occasionally fragmentary, even those with little or no background in physics will be able to follow his logic. While declaring that quantum physics may well be “the most dramatic and far reaching advance in the history of science thus far,” he also recognizes that no one really understands it, and he acknowledges when things are still more mystery than fact.

Brener’s book is graced with an artistic and attractive front cover and ample and well-written back cover matter that includes an informative author’s bio and a clear, full-color photo. It also offers a generous bibliography, extensive notes, and a comprehensive index, facilitating both understanding of the topic and independent research. The interior layout, design, and font are easy on the eye. While the copyright page, acknowledgments, and credits are complete and well laid out, the table of contents could be improved by listing the cases of reincarnation by the name of the person involved rather than by case number, and the method of numbering the chapters could be simplified. The text’s occasional errors in capitalization and punctuation could easily be corrected by careful proofreading, and inclusion of relevant dates in the first reincarnation case history would be helpful.

In a world in which “not many things are any longer unthinkable,” Brener, a retired trial lawyer with a master’s degree in anthropology and the author of twelve books, has opened an intriguing discussion of the connection between quantum physics and reincarnation, leading to the conclusion that a mental, or what some would prefer to call “spiritual,” element of our being does survive death.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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