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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 148 pages.

Book Review

The Coward

by Tara Mcnabb

"The Coward" is an intriguing fantasy novel whose quest emphasizes personal transformation and atonement. Gary Khan’s exciting tale of adventure and redemption, "The Coward", is an epic fantasy novel. In it, a young man is spurred on a... Read More

Book Review

Little Beast

by Meagan Logsdon

Vigorously potent, "Little Beast" haunts the intersection of fairy tales with gritty realism. When a full beard emerges on a nameless eleven-year-old girl’s face, she and her mother conceal the development from judgment in their tiny... Read More

Book Review

Miracles Happen

by Jeremiah Rood

This memoir ably conveys one man’s sense of a world in which miracles are more common than we think. "Miracles Happen" by Terry G. Price is a faith-inspired autobiography that speaks to a life of prayer and to the personal changes that... Read More

Book Review

Waiting for General MacArthur

by Susan Waggoner

"Waiting for General MacArthur" explores an often forgotten war front, illuminating the history of one of America’s most important Pacific allies. How did the free people of Asia’s island nations experience the Second World War? In... Read More

Book Review

Being and Becoming

by Michelle Newby

This surprising and satisfying thriller blends philosophy, politics, medicine, and danger. Phalgun Prativadi’s "Being and Becoming" is an ambitious and sophisticated medical thriller with a social conscience. Arya Krish is a brilliant... Read More

Book Review

Manuscripts of the Macabre

by Amanda Silva

This philosophical and phantasmagoric collection contains haunting tales more lasting than mere ghost stories. In Maurice McKiernan’s short story collection "Manuscripts of the Macabre", memorable villains and dark connections abound.... Read More

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