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Never Say Never

Tips, Tricks, and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers

Tyler presents a sample platter of erotica that brings readers right up to the bedroom window.

Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers is a collection of erotica covering an assortment of sexy topics edited by Alison Tyler. Each chapter begins with an introduction by Tyler, and ends with a list of “Tantalizing Tips”—three to four easy-to-follow suggestions that can spice up the love lives of willing readers. The erotica that follows are short forays into topics such as bondage and blindfolds, role-playing, and fetishes. For those new to reading erotica, this collection of stories is a good introduction.

Tyler begins her collection of sixteen stories with voyeurism and exhibitionism, which shouldn’t be too shocking. This isn’t a gathering of bodice-ripping romances, however, so expect graphic content. The stories are well-written and walk the reader right up to the window where the scenarios are laid out.

Lovers may want to read a few stories aloud to each other and see who is willing to try what. The introduction to each chapter contains several excerpts from other erotica of the same category to set the tone for the longer story to follow. The author also offers recommendations of additional titles for more of any given topic.

There is no sugar-coating topics like pegging—where a woman wears a dildo to penetrate the man’s anus—so if that holds no interest, the chapter is easily designated and can be skipped. Other stories can fulfill the roles of experimentation and fantasizing, like the chapter on fetishes or soft-swapping (sharing partners). Consider the entire collection to be a sanctioned session of playing peeping tom.

This is a collection of short stories, so don’t expect in-depth characters or complex plots. The men and women are described primarily by hair and eye color as well as what they have or haven’t tried sexually, setting the stage for what is to come. Descriptions of clothes are there to help visualize what is coming off. The point is to get to the action, and each story quickly does. One misstep for Tyler is her choice of story for the chapter on ménage à trois: the main action is between two women, with the man only there to observe and dribble margarita from his mouth.

Ultimately, Never Say Never is a good sampling of the various categories of erotica. Tyler’s introductions are frank and sassy, and her inclusion of excerpts from other stories are good additions that set the stage for what follows.

Reviewed by Felicia Topp

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