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Book Review

Town Crier

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Filled with reminders of human fragility, but still exalting life in vigorous tones, Sarah Matthes’s debut poetry collection, "Town Crier", is a momentous introduction to a sensitive voice. Dedicated to a friend and fellow poet who... Read More

Book Review

Wild Women and the Blues

by Edith Wairimu

Immersive and exciting, Denny S. Bryce’s novel "Wild Women and the Blues" is set between Chicago’s 1920s jazz scene and a film student’s present. In the 1920s, nineteen-year-old Honoree dances as a chorus girl in a speakeasy.... Read More

Book Review

The Seven Doors

by Karen Rigby

In "The Seven Doors", Agnes Ravatn’s sinuous, taut Nordic noir, an academic pieces together the truth about her missing tenant’s past to arrive at a devastating conclusion. Sixty-one-year-old Nina faces the demolition of her beloved... Read More

Book Review


by Ho Lin

In Ragnar Jónasson’s "Winterkill", the latest entry in his Dark Iceland series, Detective Ari Thór Arason has just been promoted to inspector in Siglufjörður. He’s anxious about the approaching Easter weekend visit from his... Read More

Book Review

Imminent Threat

by John M. Murray

In Jeff Gunhus’s bombastic thriller "Imminent Threat", an old threat rises to cleanse the world in fire; only the Alpha Team might be able to thwart him. Jacobslav Scarvan, a KGB assassin and a ruthless terrorist, finds himself aboard... Read More

Book Review

Weekend Pass

by Jeff Fleischer

In Paul Cavanagh’s novel "Weekend Pass", a patient takes leave from a drug treatment facility to try to repair the damage done to her family. Tasha’s story is gradually revealed via details about her relationships with her family... Read More

Book Review

To the Mountain

by John M. Murray

In Erik Raschke’s lean, taut novel "To the Mountain", a father races to find his lost autistic son during a blizzard. In a remote juvenile center in Colorado, twelve-year-old Marshall endures bullying, overzealous staff members, and... Read More

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