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Book Review

Cheater’s Game

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Cheater’s Game" is a ripped-from-the-headlines legal thriller in which the natural tension between a parent and his newly grown child takes a life-changing turn. In Paul Levine’s thriller "Cheater’s Game", a lawyer risks his... Read More

Book Review

Sonnets to Orpheus

by Matt Sutherland

That the greatest poets receive sudden flashes of inspiration is demoralizing to mere mortals. Already so rich in talent, such poets don’t need—or deserve—the metaphorical lightning strike to the ink-filled rods that they wield to... Read More

Book Review

Wolves at the Door

by Monica Carter

Gunnar Staalesen’s "Wolves at the Door" is a chilling thriller made engrossing thanks to the sarcastic sallying and social conscience of its lead detective. Falsely accused of having child pornography on his computer, private... Read More

Book Review

The Clutter Remedy

by Meg Nola

Marla Stone’s "The Clutter Remedy" approaches the issue of possessions that overwhelm people’s lives in cohesive and compassionate terms, addressing the root causes of clutter and suggesting holistic methods of emotional healing and... Read More

Book Review

Turn to Stone

by Karen Rigby

James W. Ziskin’s "Turn to Stone" pulls Ellie, an enterprising reporter, into a slow-burning search for the truth behind a professor’s reputation. In 1963, Ellie is in Italy for a literature symposium. When the body of Professor... Read More

Book Review

The Road to Urbino

by Tanisha Rule

"The Road to Urbino" moves between Sri Lanka, the UK, and Italy, illuminating how each locale touches and irreparably changes its cast of characters throughout their lives. Ras is in jail. His crime: the theft of The Flagellation of... Read More

Book Review

Water is Wider

by Emily Webber

In "Water is Wider", two women form an unexpected bond and redefine the meaning of family. Marie Green McKeon’s "Water is Wider" is an intimate novel in which a young girl and a middle-aged woman come into each other’s lives and form... Read More

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