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Book Review

Hold My Place

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

A goth librarian falls for a handsome married chef in Cassondra Windwalker’s novel of obsessions, "Hold My Place". Snarky, dark Sigrun is secure in her identity. She loves her career, horror movies, and choosing materials for her... Read More

Book Review

Just Maria

by Ashley Holstrom

In Jay Hardwig’s sweet novel "Just Maria", a blind twelve-year-old girl wants to be known for what she does, not by the fact of her disability. Maria was born with tumors in her retinas; she’s never experienced sight. She has a cane... Read More

Book Review

The Spanish Daughter

by Kristine Morris

In Lorena Hughes’s panoramic novel "The Spanish Daughter", World War I left Spain devastated. Puri, a chocolatier, and her novelist husband leave their Seville home for lush, tropical Ecuador, hoping to claim the inheritance left to... Read More

Book Review

The Love Parade

by Eileen Gonzalez

A historian investigates a decades-old murder that involves his own family in Sergio Pitol’s historical novel, "The Love Parade". While conducting research, Miguel, a historian, stumbles across information regarding the 1942 shooting... Read More

Book Review

The Last Professional

by Mari Carlson

A man rides the rails in the pilgrimage novel "The Last Professional", which proposes a free-spirited interpretation of the American dream. In Ed Davis’s historical novel "The Last Professional", gangs square off in an old school... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Born and raised on the island of Curaçao, raised in the Netherlands, Radna Fabias practices her craft in the spirit of a strangers and strangeness, liberty and lyricism, truth and transience. This debut collection, translated into... Read More

Book Review

Dare to Do Nothing

by Kristine Morris

This tongue-in-cheek self-help text takes nonattachment to new heights. Humorous and edgy, Amy Minty’s self-help book "Dare to Do Nothing" is a call to toss out work, stress, and obligations of all types and begin to enjoy a life that... Read More

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