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Book Review

Bigger, Better, Braver

by Melissa Wuske

Motivational and hopeful, Nancy Pickard’s Bigger Better Braver is a self-help book for those who think that it’s too late to change. People don’t intend to live unfulfilling lives, Pickard knows, but so many do. Hemmed in by fear,... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Beauchamp

"Loved" is a valuable self-help book that encourages its audience toward improving their relationships. Julie Shafer prescribes communication help for relationships in her self-help book, "Loved". While aimed at women and their... Read More

Book Review

All of Us Warriors

by Bianca Bowers

"All of Us Warriors" includes twenty stories of survival and loss, told in the words of everyday people; it puts a realistic face on cancer. Rebecca Whitehead Munn’s revealing collection of cancer stories, "All of Us Warriors", comes... Read More

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