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If Only God Would Give Me A Sign!

If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! is a delightful, lighthearted personal-growth guide for those seeking answers to life’s unending dilemmas. With a laser-like wit and a depth of spirit, Linda Potter teaches us through her life’s many twists and turns that lessons are learned when we are able to accept with gratitude the wisdom that comes from trusting our instincts and imagination.

In a moment of doubt and humorous self-recrimination, Potter begins to notice “Signs.” In her favorite bookstore she is mesmerized by one that says “Help Wanted: Inquire Within.” Looking closely, as if to find a hidden message, these words literally sparks an epiphany and she sees clearly that not all things are as they appear to be. If we pay close attention, says Potter, signs are all around us offering answers and new directions: To stay “open” is to lead yourself into new unexplored territories, saying “yes” to all things fresh and new; to stay “closed” is to shut yourself off, dampen your spirit, and miss out on joy and available opportunities; to “Beware of the Dog” is to remain paralyzed, in a state of fear, and unable to move in any direction; to “go” is simply to be fearless, attack life, and move forward, despite any odds.

Her chapters are filled with uncanny human insight laced with hilarity and lessons that one might overlook by never heeding the “signs.” With the ingenuity of a standup comic, Potter examines relationships, her own spirituality, an array of human emotions, and the basic fear of examining ourselves as we truly are— imperfect beings with faults and gifts, successes and failures, all striving in a complex world to find our way.

If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! is a uniquely woven metaphysical philosophy that leads us to believe, if we look hard enough, long enough, and from every available vantage point, that we will eventually come up with our own solutions and maybe even surprise ourselves with laughter in the path of unforeseen circumstances. While waiting for her own “sign,” Linda Potter has spun her valuable comedic wisdom into a cautionary tale that beckons her audience to “Read Without Caution.”

Reviewed by Peggy La Vake

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