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Book Review

New You! Who Knew?

by Aimee Jodoin

Comprehensive yet succinct, "New You! Who Knew?" is a self-help book about taking control of one’s life based on personalized core values. David R. Edwards’s logical self-help text "New You! Who Knew?" empowers people to improve at... Read More

Book Review

Night Terrors

by Carolina Ciucci

Parasomnias, or sleep phenomena, are more common than people think, and Alice Vernon’s "Night Terrors" is a fascinating exploration of sleep in these most difficult states. In the course of the book, Vernon draws on her own long... Read More

Book Review


by Kristen Rabe

"Conspiracy" is a fascinating, timely psychological study of those who believe conspiracy theories and of the elusive truths behind those beliefs. Citing an astonishing range of examples, the book defines a conspiracy as two or more... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

Looking back over his fifty-year career as a psychotherapist in California, David Richo notes that “one issue has come up with clients more often than any other: staying too long in what doesn’t work.” An opposite, but just as... Read More

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