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Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

Looking back over his fifty-year career as a psychotherapist in California, David Richo notes that “one issue has come up with clients more often than any other: staying too long in what doesn’t work.” An opposite, but just as... Read More

Book Review

Great Work

by Edith Wairimu

The principled career guide "Great Work" aims to help people do the work that matters most to them. Amanda Crowell’s "Great Work" is a guide to achieving a meaningful career based on one’s personal, distinctive talents. Based on the... Read More

Book Review

Fear Traps

by Jeremiah Rood

"Fear Traps" is an insightful self-help book concerned with how meditation techniques can be used to address trauma. Nancy Stella’s hopeful self-help book "Fear Traps" suggests a mindful approach to trauma and its effects. Advances in... Read More

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