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Book Review

The Molecule of More

by Rebecca Foster

Dopamine has a lot to answer for. First discovered in 1957, it is variously known as “the pleasure molecule” and “the reward circuit.” In "The Molecule of More", an excellent work of wide-ranging popular science, Daniel Z.... Read More

Book Review


by Margaret Fedder

"Dis-eased" is a work rich in yearning as it works toward its singular creative expressions. "Dis-eased" by John Ralph Tuccitto is an intriguing volume that combines a personal memoir with a treatise on the use of technology in today’s... Read More

Book Review

The Mysterion Dynasty

by Andrea Hammer

This book reflects one man’s determination to share his insights about the way the mind works. "The Mysterion Dynasty" by Roger Wells is an ambitious attempt to understand and explain the mind. Topics are explored in self-described... Read More

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