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Book Review

On Civility

by Peter Dabbene

"On Civility" is an elegant poetic guide for developing a personal philosophy. John-Robert Curtin’s "On Civility" is an insightful, instructive collection of poetry. Curtin’s prose poems are philosophical, drawing on his experiences... Read More

Book Review

The Meaning of Life

by Andrea Hammer

"The Meaning of Life" is an ambitious self-help work about achieving personal satisfaction. Nathanael Garrett Novosel’s philosophical and scientific treatise, "The Meaning of Life", suggests means of finding greater fulfillment. The... Read More

Book Review

Just So

by Matt Sutherland

Certain renowned figures are difficult to characterize, a fact that speaks to their diverse interests, ingenuity, and unique ability to gain and maintain influence across large swaths of society. Brilliance helps, no doubt, but more... Read More

Book Review


by Shana Creaney

"Philosophy" is a casual discourse that addresses human nature from a personal perspective. Rahmel Garner’s discourse "Philosophy" questions the essence of human nature and proposes the influence of the devil on human beings’... Read More

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