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Book Review

The Great Guide

by Melissa Wuske

Julian Baggini’s "The Great Guide" approaches David Hume as an example for living a rich life. Rooted in a biography of Enlightenment philosopher David Hume, this detailed book focuses on his insights into human nature. It showcases... Read More

Book Review

Is the Emperor Dressed?

by Kristine Morris

Questioning what it means to be fully human, the philosophical text "Is the Emperor Dressed?" puts theism and evolution into conversation. Fuwan Yang’s "Is the Emperor Dressed?" takes a philosophical approach to the discussion of the... Read More

Book Review

Cold Moon

by Matt Sutherland

Every author launches their book into the world with a prayer. Please, powers that be, let this humble collection of words make teenaged girls laugh uncontrollably, or provoke men to schedule a prostate exam, as the case may be. Some... Read More

Book Review

Seeing Clearly

by Matt Sutherland

Of the many positive things to say about Buddhism, the most meaningful may be that Buddhists readily admit that life is very, very hard. By facing that fact head on, rather than denying or ignoring it, Buddhists can quickly get on with... Read More

Book Review

On Civility

by Peter Dabbene

"On Civility" is an elegant poetic guide for developing a personal philosophy. John-Robert Curtin’s "On Civility" is an insightful, instructive collection of poetry. Curtin’s prose poems are philosophical, drawing on his experiences... Read More

Book Review

The Meaning of Life

by Andrea Hammer

"The Meaning of Life" is an ambitious self-help work about achieving personal satisfaction. Nathanael Garrett Novosel’s philosophical and scientific treatise, "The Meaning of Life", suggests means of finding greater fulfillment. The... Read More

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