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Book Review

Hope Is a Decision

by Joseph S. Pete

Ikeda has much to say about the human condition, and he does so artfully and with great understanding. Daisaku Ikeda’s Hope is a Decision gives a broad and insightful overview into the thinking of the acclaimed Buddhist religious... Read More

Book Review

The Last Faith

by Lisa A. Flowers

This illuminating work will inspire theological and philosophical explorations. Karmak Bagisbayev’s "The Last Faith", translated by Joanna Dobson, is a highly personal philosophical conversation with God that works to address large... Read More

Book Review

Rousseau and Dignity

by Jeff Fleischer

Theoretical discourse meets real life accounts of dignity in context—a juxtaposition the philosopher would have approved of. Rousseau and Dignity: Art Serving Humanity commemorates the 2012 University of Notre Dame lecture series... Read More

Book Review

The Living and the Dead

by Meagan Logsdon

"The Living and the Dead" is a challenging and intriguing counterpoint to the modern embrace of the static and the tangible. Toby Austin Locke’s "The Living and the Dead" ventures into the nebulous interconnectedness of life and death... Read More

Book Review

The God Particle

by Howard Lovy

Godsey offers a way of thinking about both science and religion that could unite the measurable with the spiritual. In "The God Particle", R. Kirby Godsey surprisingly bridges the science-religion divide without the need to endure brain-... Read More

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