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Book Review

Paper Dreams

by Karen Rigby

Anthology of literary magazines offers rich retrospective of the visionary and the forgettable alike. In "Paper Dreams", Travis Kurowski, the founding editor of the literary blog Luna Park, gathers choice essays, interviews, commentary,... Read More

Book Review

The Way North

by Bradley A. Scott

Selected poetry and short stories from native authors reflect on the heritage and landscape of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Michigan’s sparsely-populated Upper Peninsula is a place of forests, hills, and swamps. Its summers are almost... Read More

Book Review

Wm & H'ry

by Peter Dabbene

Brothers William and Henry James are rightfully famous within their respective fields of philosophy/psychology and literature. But their influence on each other is seldom discussed, a failure remedied in J. C. Hallman’s Wm &... Read More

Book Review

Lives in Transit

by Karen Rigby

Helena Goscilo, Chair and Professor in the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures at Ohio State University, has edited a remarkably satiating, intelligent anthology featuring short stories by twenty-three of... Read More

Book Review

My Bookstore

by Jessica Henkle

In the conclusion to My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop, Emily St. John Mandel says, “Things happen in independent bookstores that don’t happen in the other places where we buy books.”... Read More

Book Review

Grit Lit

by Hope Mills

There are versions of the South that sell glossy magazines. And then there’s the South itself: a little bit grittier, a little less polite. More fighting and less showering, more guzzling and less sipping As editor Tom Franklin... Read More

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