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Book Review

Uncanny Valley

by Teresa Scollon

Imagine the journalist’s life: immersed in experience, on intimate terms with one’s subject, embarked on multiple and continuous journeys of discovery, and then asked to explain it all to a distractible audience. This is Lawrence... Read More

Book Review

First Blood

by Lia Skalkos

Once upon a time, vampires were not the sole literary domain of Twilight. As *First Blood: Birth of the Vampire—*an anthology of classic vampire literature—demonstrates, vampires have been ensnaring imaginations for centuries, and... Read More

Book Review

Literary Capital

by Trina Carter

Literary Capital: A Washington Reader is a collection of narratives by residents of and visitors to Washington, DC. In other words, a real grab bag. Reach in and pull out goodies from Dickens, Emerson, and Melville, or put them back and... Read More

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