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Book Review

An Invisible Rope

by Teresa Scollon

“We inhabit a world where history doesn’t matter,” writes scholar Cynthia Haven in the introduction to this collection of biographical essays. “As a result, we lose the ability to think and learn from the past…we only fetishize... Read More

Book Review

A Radiant Life

by Julie Eakin

The late journalist Nuala O’Faolain, (Oh-FWAY-lawn) was prized in her native Ireland for good reason. Unafraid of correlating political and private issues in her columns for the Irish Times, she trained her light on the daily lives of... Read More

Book Review

Why We're Here

by Lisa Romeo

Themed anthologies strive to present a buffet, varied yet unified, so readers attracted by the overall idea can dig in and find, perhaps to their delight, that their favorite bites are sometimes not those they anticipated. Bob Cowser... Read More

Book Review

The Best of Adventure

by Trina Carter

"The Best of Adventure" is full of intrigue, action, mystery, danger, and daring—and this is just the first volume! The pulp magazine Adventure started 100 years ago. It became renowned for publishing top authors of the day, including... Read More

Book Review

Time and Eternity

by Karen Rigby

Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990) was the controversial British journalist who reported on the famine in the Ukraine and on the brutality of Stalinism; a man of letters; a television/radio personality; a Christian; and a vocal supporter of... Read More

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