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Book Review

Women’s Health

by Andrea Hammer

Supportive and encouraging, "Women’s Health" is an empowering book full of helpful suggestions for improving women’s overall quality of life. Nadiya Melnyk’s "Women’s Health" is an even-handed explanation of medical approaches to... Read More

Book Review

The Vail Method

by Charlene Oldham

"The Vail Method"’s actionable fitness advice will help audiences physically improve with age. Matthew Ehrlich’s prescriptive health book "The Vail Method" concentrates on optimizing health and athletic performance during the aging... Read More

Book Review

Exercise Is Medicine

by Tanisha Rule

The general consensus is that exercise is good and leads to a better quality of life than sedentary habits do, but according to Judy Foreman’s Exercise Is Medicine, there is an additional benefit that should be promoted more widely.... Read More

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