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Book Review


by Claire Foster

"Apart" is a soapy thriller packed with action scenes and spattered in blood. C. J. Pastore’s fast, dramatic thriller "Apart" follows a young couple who are menaced by a vengeful Russian gangster. With exciting scenes and stimulating... Read More

Book Review

House of Belonging

by Katie Asher

Mysterious and intimate elements elevate this optimistic romance. Andrea Thome’s "House of Belonging", the third book in the Hesse Creek series, is an intriguing romance with a surprisingly mysterious layer underneath. A recent... Read More

Book Review

The Sow's Ear Café

by Aimee Jodoin

The Sow’s Ear Cafe is an avidly inspiring and comforting story. Down-on-her-luck Lucie swaps a Vancouver office job for “tumbleweeds and cowboys”—and finds herself along the way—in Holly Quan’s inspirational novel The Sow’s... Read More

Book Review

Loser's Road

by Hannah Williams

Loser’s Road is an engaging work of fiction about growth, second chances, and one man’s ability to grow and change for the better. Kalan Chapman Lloyd’s spiritually uplifting romance Loser’s Road is about a man who comes to find... Read More

Book Review

Soul to Keep

by Tia Smith

Jamie is an ex-junkie whose return from California back to England is his one true hope for salvation. Marc is a veteran whose life as a doctor is haunted by the things he’s seen and experienced in Iraq. When the two have a chance... Read More

Book Review

Truth or Dare

by Mya Alexice

"Truth or Dare" follows the intertwining lives of six lesbian women in New England. Each have different relationships with one another; some are lovers, some are friends, others are exes who still communicate. Through alternating... Read More

Book Review

Aphrodite's Stand

by Anita Lock

Aphrodite’s Stand works across genre conventions, resulting in a romance novel with definite bite. An interracial couple is so enraptured with one another that they are blindsided by the unfolding sinister plans of others in Sandra... Read More

Book Review

Pelican Point

by Meagan Logsdon

Romance blooms in the shadow of a historic lighthouse in Irene Hannon’s latest novel, "Pelican Point". The lighthouse in Hope Harbor, Oregon, falls into the hands of ex–army doctor Ben Garrison as part of an inheritance from his... Read More

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