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Book Review

Always Red

by Shana Creaney

Ronin’s is a series that holds fast to the notion of true love and the classic ideal of a rescuer. "Always Red" hinges on the idea of love conquering all and being worth any cost. Veronica, called Red, has just had a devastating... Read More

Book Review

Finding Sylvia

by Katerie Prior

"Finding Sylvia" is a thoroughly modern romance, both deep and complex. Alan Shayne’s "Finding Sylvia" is an unexpected romance, both a universal reflection of searching for love and a portrait of a man enraptured by an enigmatic... Read More

Book Review

Winter's Bloom

by Carol Davala

Far from a standard romance novel, Wemlinger’s book showcases contrasts and human connections. In John Wemlinger’s Winter’s Bloom, a frozen, solitary Lake Michigan shoreline provides the perfect backdrop for an unlikely friendship... Read More

Book Review

The Dog Walker's Diary

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

Fanciful stories within the story are enjoyable all on their own. Kathryn Donahue’s The Dog Walker’s Diary is a smart and complex take on modern-day relationship dynamics that utilizes a story-within-a-story framework. When busy Los... Read More

Book Review

Swearing Off Stars

by Amanda Adams

No relationship is easy to maintain, but this story is a heartfelt exploration of the ways in which relationships are absolutely necessary. Danielle M. Wong’s Swearing off Stars details the life of Lia Cole, an American studying abroad... Read More

Book Review

Love Reconsidered

by Brittney Decker

"Love Reconsidered" is a touching story filled with extraordinary characters put in heartbreaking situations. Phyllis J. Piano’s "Love Reconsidered" is a heartrending journey charged with emotion. This inspiring tale teaches lessons on... Read More

Book Review

Haven Cross

by Katerie Prior

Daines’s novel breaks with genre conventions to deliver a tale with broad appeal. In Julie Daines’s Havencross, a young woman finds romance and adventure in the nineteenth-century Cornish countryside. Retreating from London after a... Read More

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