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Book Review

Twisted Threads

by Brittney Decker

Lush, stimulating images bring this sexy thriller to life. Kaylin McFarren’s sultry thriller, "Twisted Threads", flaunts the glamorous pastimes of passengers on a lavish cruise ship where deadly intentions lurk, suspicious... Read More

Book Review

A Police Action

by Claire Foster

"A Police Action" is a reminder of what the 1960s were really like, for better or worse. Love conquers all? "A Police Action", a new romance from A. A. Freda, seems more interested in technical terms than the sweeter side of the genre.... Read More

Book Review

Alone on the Shield

by Jeremiah Rood

The Canadian borderlands, and their lakes, rivers, and portages, are rendered with a journalistic eye for detail. Kirk Landers’s "Alone on the Shield" is an adventure story mixed with a love affair set deep in the Canadian wilderness.... Read More

Book Review

Always Red

by Shana Creaney

Ronin’s is a series that holds fast to the notion of true love and the classic ideal of a rescuer. "Always Red" hinges on the idea of love conquering all and being worth any cost. Veronica, called Red, has just had a devastating... Read More

Book Review

Finding Sylvia

by Katerie Prior

"Finding Sylvia" is a thoroughly modern romance, both deep and complex. Alan Shayne’s "Finding Sylvia" is an unexpected romance, both a universal reflection of searching for love and a portrait of a man enraptured by an enigmatic... Read More

Book Review

Winter's Bloom

by Carol Davala

Far from a standard romance novel, Wemlinger’s book showcases contrasts and human connections. In John Wemlinger’s Winter’s Bloom, a frozen, solitary Lake Michigan shoreline provides the perfect backdrop for an unlikely friendship... Read More

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