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Book Review

Until Tomorrow

by Katie Hardy

The story contains the best elements of contemporary romances, peppered with a little country western and just the right amount of paranormal action. Abbie Williams’s "Until Tomorrow", the seventh book in the Shore Leave Café series,... Read More

Book Review

Two Man Station

by Emily Kubal

"Two Man Station" is a captivating second-chance love story for two men who are out in the outback. Forbidden love, action, and distinct characterizations make Lisa Henry’s standout LGBTQ novel "Two Man Station" addictive and... Read More

Book Review

Check Me Out

by Hannah Williams

Effortlessly consumable reading; this convivial romance is filled with humorous exchanges. Becca Wilhite’s "Check Me Out" is a clean contemporary romance, a modern librarian’s update on the Cyrano de Bergerac story. It’s quirky and... Read More

Book Review


by Sarah Stewart

The novel depicts a community of temporary summer residents who delight in one another’s trials and tribulations. A charming and sensual exploration of the tension between social norms and personal freedom, "Adirondack" by A. Dudley... Read More

Book Review

Chasing Mercury

by Claire Foster

Kimberly Cooper Griffin has a savvy, deft touch as she weaves in rich, vivid details that range from sexy to startling. Love is a hardy flower that can blossom in the midst of adversity, as Kimberly Cooper Griffin shows in "Chasing... Read More

Book Review

Twisted Threads

by Brittney Decker

Lush, stimulating images bring this sexy thriller to life. Kaylin McFarren’s sultry thriller, "Twisted Threads", flaunts the glamorous pastimes of passengers on a lavish cruise ship where deadly intentions lurk, suspicious... Read More

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