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Book Review

All the Castles Burned

by Angela Woltman

Emotional but never sentimental, "All the Castles Burned" contrasts privilege with working-class struggles for a gripping story of human resilience. "All the Castles Burned" by Michael Nye is a coming-of-age story that is as painful as... Read More

Book Review

An American Marriage

by Mya Alexice

Tayari Jones displays tremendous writing prowess with "An American Marriage", an enchanting novel that succeeds at every level. The story focuses on a marriage that is slowly and cruelly torn apart. After only a year of marriage, Roy and... Read More

Book Review

The Nothing

by Katie Asher

Hanif Kureishi’s "The Nothing" is a darkly humorous and slightly pornographic story about three extremely self-centered individuals entrenched in an odd, triangular affair. A retired and terminally ill filmmaker, Waldo, has suspicions... Read More

Book Review


by Danny Gardner

There is a wide-eyed sweetness that lurks underneath the hostility of this novel, told in journal style. As with an actual knucklehead, with time and patience, the rewards well exceed the effort. Young, black law student Marcus Hayes... Read More

Book Review

Lord of California

by Paige Van De Winkle

This dystopian novel is poetic even in its austerity. Andrew Valencia’s dystopian "Lord of California" is set in rural, isolated California a few decades after it disbands from the United States. When Elliot Temple dies, each of his... Read More

Book Review

The Unmade World

by Aimee Jodoin

With the flavor of an international thriller and deep explorations of grieving and healing, "The Unmade World" is a novel with heart. Spanning many years and traversing two continents, "The Unmade World" by Steve Yarbrough weaves... Read More

Book Review


by Hannah Hohman

"Heartland" arrives in a saturated swirl of inner monologue and devoted observances. The novel’s unnamed narrator grew up in Elmira, a town with distinctive characteristics and a people whose specificity seems to have been cultivated... Read More

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