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Book Review

The Measure of Gold

by Karen Rigby

"The Measure of Gold" is a touching World War II novel that features both fantasies and cruel sacrifices. In Sarah C. Patten’s absorbing, bittersweet historical romance novel "The Measure of Gold", saboteurs in World War II Paris work... Read More

Book Review

What You Could Have Won

by Rebecca Hussey

Rachel Genn’s novel "What You Could Have Won" explores love, fame, dependence, and emotional manipulation with compassion and sparkling wit. Astrid is a rock star with a drug problem. She is also in love with Henry, a shady... Read More

Book Review

Dr. Sad

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

David Bateman’s semiautobiographical novel "Dr. Sad" follows a physician through the minutiae of daily life for six months after his HIV diagnosis, creating a “song of himself, lacking in strict continuity, filled with flights of... Read More

Book Review

Butter Honey Pig Bread

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Francesca Ekwuyasi’s "Butter Honey Pig Bread", a Nigerian woman’s homecoming stirs bad memories, old hurts, and a chance for new beginnings. Kehinde has not seen her mother, Kambirinachi, or twin sister, Taiye, in years. After... Read More

Book Review

The Butchers' Blessing

by Angela McQuay

In Ruth Gilligan’s rich historical drama The Butchers’ Blessing, ancient traditions clash with the forces of modernity. In the 1990s, Una is the daughter of a Butcher, one of eight men who tours the Irish countryside, catering to... Read More

Book Review

On Fragile Waves

by Eileen Gonzalez

A refugee family struggles to adjust to a new life in E. Lily Yu’s novel "On Fragile Waves". Firuzeh doesn’t know why her parents have whisked her and her brother from Afghanistan to Australia. Nor does she understand why the... Read More

Book Review


by Joe Taylor

Richard Taylor’s biographical novel "Girty" covers the terror and tragedy of the Indian Wars. Simon Girty is legendary. Called “the first American frontier villain,” Girty, who was captured by Seneca Indians as a teenager, defected... Read More

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