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Book Review


by Karen Rigby

"Split-Level" is a literary novel that navigates intimate struggles with unforgettable style. Sande Boritz Berger sets a 1970s Jersey housewife on a provocative collision course in "Split-Level", a sharp portrait of female empowerment.... Read More

Book Review

The Eclipse Dancer

by Laura Leavitt

"The Eclipse Dancer" is a resonant literary fantasy in which distinct cultures clash and supernatural possibilities are ever-present. A dreamy, mournful fantasy, Laura Koerber’s "The Eclipse Dancer" inspires thoughts of other possible... Read More

Book Review

Nobody I Know

by Jeremiah Rood

Raising good questions about the state of contemporary society, "Nobody I Know" is a compelling religious psychological thriller. John J. Gaynard’s heady thriller "Nobody I Know" mines ideas about terrorism and the intellect to... Read More

Book Review

Hearts Set Free

by Edith Wairimu

With its focus on the presence of God in human lives, "Hearts Set Free" is a powerful and inspiring novel. Jess Lederman’s uplifting and compelling Christian novel "Hearts Set Free" is about hearts that come to Jesus in unexpected... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

Set at the dawn of the 1980s, Norma Elia Cantú’s lovely novel "Cabañuelas" occupies a culturally liminal space. Nena is from a family in Laredo, Texas, that keeps its Mexican culture alive, even while sending its sons to fight for... Read More

Book Review

Man Mission

by Joe Taylor

Through its fun vacation scenes, the novel becomes a critique of commonplace definitions of manhood and a proposal of a healthier, more relational, and realistic model. Eytan Uliel’s novel "Man Mission" is a satisfying chronicle of... Read More

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