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Book Review

Hula Girls

by Karen Rigby

"Hula Girls" is a gritty historical novel in which a woman becomes a widow and experiences gradual flourishing. In Eric B. Miller’s historical novel "Hula Girls", a guileless navy officer’s wife matures. Living in Hawaii from just... Read More

Book Review

Red Is My Heart

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Antoine Laurain’s experimental novel "Red Is My Heart" is an artful articulation of the discombobulation that follows when a relationship is severed without warning. Written as letters sent into the ether, to a party who does not wish... Read More

Book Review

None but the Righteous

by Mari Carlson

Chantal James’s novel "None but the Righteous" follows a man’s lifelong search of truth and meaning. When he’s a teenager, Ham, a foster child who was taken in by sophisticated Pearl and her son, Wally, meets a traveler, Mayfly. Of... Read More

Book Review

Where the Silver River Ends

by Katerie Prior

In Anna Quon’s novel "Where the Silver River Ends", travels abroad lead to incredible self-discoveries. Joan, Canadian and of Chinese heritage, works as an English teacher in Budapest. Her friend Edna’s dying wish is that she deliver... Read More

Book Review

New Animal

by Danielle Ballantyne

A piercing novel about death, grief, and the lengths people will go to escape them, Ella Baxter’s "New Animal" is not for the faint of heart. Amelia, a cosmetic mortician with her family’s mortuary business, is a clinical woman who... Read More

Book Review

Astonishing the Gods

by Eileen Gonzalez

A young man’s journey of self-discovery leads him to the last place he ever expected in Ben Okri’s novel "Astonishing the Gods". Determined to find out why his people are invisible to everyone but themselves, an unnamed young man... Read More

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