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Book Review

Into Your Blues

by Karen Rigby

In the future-set novel "Into Your Blues", people from two generations struggle for meaning and fulfillment. In Charlie Moodie’s fresh and original novel "Into Your Blues", middle-aged men’s lives are upended by job losses. In the... Read More

Book Review

Urban Disturbances

by Peter Dabbene

Inventive scenarios make the short stories collected in "Urban Disturbances" disturbing, disarming, and worthwhile. Bruce McDougall probes the undersides of city and suburban life in his short story collection "Urban Disturbances". These... Read More

Book Review


by Mari Carlson

"Midland" is a resounding, redemptive novel about healing from a tragedy. In Ross Breithaupt’s measured novel "Midland", a young man works to heal following his brother’s suicide. In the 1980s, ten years after his brother jumped to... Read More

Book Review

The Ghost Dancers

by Eileen Gonzalez

Written thirty years ago and now published posthumously, Adrian C. Louis’s novel "The Ghost Dancers" is about the violence that enables a father-son reunion. The Wilson family descends from a powerful medicine man, but the glory of the... Read More

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