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Book Review

Miraculum Monstrum

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Haunting and eerie, "Miraculum Monstrum" is a fun-house mirror where past, present, and future bounce off one another. Kathline Carr’s feminist fairy tale "Miraculum Monstrum" is arresting, ominous, and dialectic, equal parts an... Read More

Book Review

A Hero Dreams

by Carol Davala

In this inspiring tale of faith and courage, Ristau paints a complex character portrait involving the engaging interplay of individuals and their actions. In "A Hero Dreams", the profoundly moving first installment of Mark Ristau’s... Read More

Book Review

If Clara

by Meredith Grahl Counts

"If Clara" is moving and wiry, and full of poetic coincidences. A story of artistic accomplishment and mental struggles, "If Clara" comes through four narrators who are connected to the enigmatic title character. Creative, troubled, and... Read More

Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

Family shapes us; "Parsimony" exposes this truth with effortlessly elegant prose and characters who linger. With eloquent language worthy of literary recognition, Peter Nash’s "Parsimony" offers wisdom fraught with interpersonal and... Read More

Book Review

The Dead Go to Seattle

by Jeff Fleischer

Cleverly framed, these stories capture a rich island community that is steeped in oral traditions. In Alaska’s southeastern archipelago, the small Wrangell Island is home to a mix of peoples and stories. Local author Vivian Faith... Read More

Book Review

Paradise Field

by Jeff Fleischer

A novel in stories, "Paradise Field" is a strong whole made of fascinating parts. Pamela Ryder’s "Paradise Field" is a novel in stories that stands out for the variety of structures, voices, and styles employed throughout. They convey... Read More

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