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Book Review

Buddhism for Western Children

by Laura Leavitt

"Buddhism for Western Children" is a dreamlike literary novel that journeys into the psyche of cult living from the perspective of a child. Daniel’s parents, Ray and Cleary, bring him to Avadhoot Master King Ivanovich’s farm in Maine... Read More

Book Review

Madame Victoria

by Susan Waggoner

"Madame Victoria" is an imaginative, haunting, and insightful examination of the lives of women. Shortly after the millennium, a skeleton is discovered on the grounds of Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital. It is identified as having... Read More

Book Review


by Linda Thorlakson

Is Merilyn Simonds’s "Refuge" a fictional memoir, a historical novel, or an exploration of the causes and results of seeking refuge? It’s all three, as it turns out, and a mystery besides. Questions hover over ninety-six-year-old... Read More

Book Review

Vic City Express

by Meagan Logsdon

"Vic City Express" tackles the migrant crisis in Greece with an unusual perspective. A traveler to Athens endures a racially charged diatribe from a fellow train passenger who decries the influx of foreigners in Vic City, the working... Read More

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