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Book Review

Searching for Marilyn Monroe

by Meagan Logsdon

Writing is often poetic in this short story collection that weaves between allegories and clear stories. In "Searching for Marilyn Monroe", Pae Veo prods at the accepted conventions and perceptions of modern society through a series of... Read More

Book Review

Lamp Eyes, Look Out!

by Katie Asher

"Lamp Eyes, Look Out!" is an imaginative, often beautiful work of science fiction. Peter Gelman’s "Lamp Eyes, Look Out!" is a poetic and abstract science-fiction response to the current political climate in the West. Mixing Greek... Read More

Book Review


by Monica Carter

The narrator of Patrick Parks’s surrealistic novel "Tucumcari" is a man who floats through memories and time, addressing ash-covered cities, the atom bomb, and his wife. Lean, direct prose anchors his feverish meanderings. Fantastical... Read More

Book Review

Who Is Vera Kelly?

by Hannah Williams

"Who Is Vera Kelly?" is a lively, suspenseful cinematic novel. This coming-of-age story is set in New York in the early 1960s. Working late-night shifts for a local radio station, Vera is struggling to make ends meet—but someone has... Read More

Book Review

Five Hundred Poor

by Meg Nola

Noah Milligan’s collection of short stories, "Five Hundred Poor", takes its inspiration from a quote by economist Adam Smith, in which he wrote that for every rich man, there are five hundred poor ones who are frustrated by their own... Read More

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