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Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

“Inside the Vault, everything was an experiment,” and Dolores Extract No. 1 has been told to return there no later than August 30, 1925. Told in Dolores Extract No. 1’s own voice, Bethany C. Morrow’s "MEM" is set in an early... Read More

Book Review

Nothing Forgotten

by Rebecca Hussey

In Jessica Levine’s absorbing and entertaining "Nothing Forgotten", a middle-aged woman’s past intrudes upon her present, despite all of her efforts to leave it behind. Anna Stark leads a calm, seemingly happy life in California. She... Read More

Book Review

The House of Erzulie

by Mya Alexice

Kirsten Imani Kasai weaves a spellbinding tale in "The House of Erzulie", intertwining elements of horror and erotica expertly. Purposeful discomfort abounds in this eerie novel that brims with masterful, uncanny language. Part of the... Read More

Book Review

How to Set Yourself on Fire

by Karen Rigby

"How to Set Yourself on Fire" is a brooding tale of memory, emotional malaise, grief, and voyeurism. Languorous, thirty-five-year old Sheila steals her dead grandmother’s shoe box, filled with 382 letters, and discovers a secret past.... Read More

Book Review


by Gregory A. Lowe

Raising difficult questions of morality, this slice-of-life narrative is as heartfelt as it is entertaining. Scott Semegran’s "Boys" collects trio of fascinating stories that follow a young man in three very different stages of his... Read More

Book Review

Hug Chickenpenny

by Aimee Jodoin

With a fast pace and concise, humorous writing, "Hug Chickenpenny" is a unique and playful tale. S. Craig Zahler’s "Hug Chickenpenny" is curiously fun. An asymmetrically deformed baby boy is born one night in the huge, terrifying, and... Read More

Book Review

Sammie & Budgie

by Aimee Jodoin

More than a story of a gifted child learning to hone his talents, Sammie and Budgie is an exposé on the inner lives of children and their parents. A widower and single father discovers, by chance, that his young son has developed... Read More

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