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Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Thirty-Seven" is uncomfortable, disturbing, and impossible to put down. The surviving member of an infamous cult finds himself drawn back into the life in the uneasy but engaging "Thirty-Seven" by Peter Stenson. A cult known as the... Read More

Book Review

Silver Girl

by Meg Nola

Leslie Pietrzyk’s haunting "Silver Girl" begins in 1980, with a nameless narrator starting her freshman year at a prestigious Chicago-area university. The narrator escaped her economically depressed Iowa hometown, but the emotional... Read More

Book Review

The One Apart

by Katie Asher

"The One Apart" is a complex novel; its beautiful, emotional, and intense writing deals in big questions. Justine Avery’s philosophical fantasy "The One Apart" is intriguing and captivating as it chronicles Aaron’s singular journey... Read More

Book Review

The Sasquatch Murder

by Susan Waggoner

"The Sasquatch Murder" is an accomplished and thoroughly enjoyable tale, the kind of book one is sorry to finish because it’s such good company. No typical bigfoot tale, Jeffery Viles’s "The Sasquatch Murder" is a genre-bending novel... Read More

Book Review

The Other New Girl

by Linda Thorlakson

"The Other New Girl" is a suspenseful, absorbing, literary exploration of life, death, and the stuff that happens in between. "The Other New Girl" is much more than a suspense-fueled coming-of-age novel.  L. B. Gschwandtner employs... Read More

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