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Book Review

The Songs We Hide

by Amy O'Loughlin

Enriching and evocative, Connie Hampton Connally’s historical "The Songs We Hide" is about the redemptive potency of beauty, love, and music in post-World War II Hungary. It’s 1951, and Stalinist repression rules society. Fear is... Read More

Book Review

The Blues Walked In

by Aimee Jodoin

Spanning ten years, this inspiring biographical novel illuminates the personal life of jazz singer and civil rights activist Lena Horne. Lena Horne was a woman to be reckoned with. She lived a long, eventful life, but this novelization... Read More

Book Review

Riley and the Great War

by John M. Murray

Captivating and engaging, James Anderson O’Neal’s "Riley and the Great War" is a blend of historical fiction and nonstop adventure. The novel follows two teens on a lifelong journey that weaves through history. Riley and Cornelius... Read More

Book Review

The Hidden Side

by Meg Nola

The historical intrigue of Revolutionary War New York parallels the all-too-familiar modern nightmare of a high school shooting in Heidi Chiavaroli’s compelling "The Hidden Side", a novel about tragedy, faith, and personal courage. The... Read More

Book Review

My Mother's Son

by Meg Nola

This colorful and complex portrait of a 1950s Jewish family is warm and nostalgic, yet grounded by deep history. David Hirshberg’s My Mother’s Son centers on a vibrant postwar Boston neighborhood that is a veritable melting pot. Its... Read More

Book Review

Runaway Ray

by Joseph S. Pete

The storytelling shows real flair, conjuring up the personal history of a man who shrouded his truths from those closest to him. Lorena Weaver’s multigenerational saga "Runaway Ray" is a full-bodied novel that draws upon a captivating... Read More

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