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Book Review

Ever Alice

by Edith Wairimu

"Ever Alice" is an enthralling take on a classic story. H. J. Ramsay’s young adult fantasy "Ever Alice" is an intriguing reinvention of Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the Looking-Glass. Here, Alice finds herself confined to an asylum... Read More

Book Review

The Bright Path

by Tia Smith

This fantasy epic has its own colorful aesthetic, and humor carries its central trio through their quest. In Benjamin M. Birney’s fantasy adventure, "The Bright Path", a vast array of creatures collide, resulting in life or death... Read More

Book Review

The Winter Riddle

by Claire Foster

Deck the halls and grab your Christmas garters! Sam Hooker’s smart, snarky new novel, "The Winter Riddle", is the best farce of the season. The Winter Witch is sick and tired of Vikings, jolly old elves, and frost giants. Her arctic... Read More

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