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Book Review

Dark Ark

by Peter Dabbene

"Dark Ark" presents an intriguing variation on the biblical story of Noah. What if there were another ark, commissioned by a dark force to save earth’s monsters? Vampires, manticores, chimeras, ghouls, werewolves, and unicorns populate... Read More

Book Review

The Door

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"The Door" follows a teenager as she unearths her true identity in a high-speed adventure of good versus evil. Craig Wickersham’s young-adult fantasy "The Door" is steeped in the supernatural and occult. "The Door" follows a teenager... Read More

Book Review

City of Shards

by Katerie Prior

"City of Shards" is a dazzling and captivating introduction to a new fantasy adventure series. In Steve Rodgers’s fantasy City of Shards, a boy learns that the hero’s journey is never a straight path; sometimes, the only way forward... Read More

Book Review

Odyssey of the Chosen

by Katie Asher

"Odyssey of the Chosen" is an engaging, multilayered, and wildly creative family saga that takes on the battle between good and evil. H. S. Theodore’s imaginative adventure "Odyssey of the Chosen" follows an unsuspecting family into... Read More

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