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Book Review

What Momma Left Me

by Mya Alexice

A coming-of-age story inundated with grief, trauma, and uncertainty, Renée Watson’s "What Momma Left Me" is a heartbreaking and intense young adult novel. Thirteen-year-old Serenity finds herself in emotional turmoil as she tries to... Read More

Book Review

The Last 8

by Tia Smith

"The Last 8" is diverse and immersive science fiction. Clover Martinez may be a teenager, but she’s built like a soldier. Trained to fly by her air force grandfather, she’s the perfect candidate for surviving the apocalypse: clever,... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

C.H. Armstrong’s compelling young adult novel "Roam" follows a homeless teenager as she and her family struggle to make a fresh start in a new town. Abby is hurt and angry. Her family has been forced out of their home in Nebraska.... Read More

Book Review

The Truth About Leaving

by Karen Rigby

In Natalie Blitt’s romance, "The Truth About Leaving", high school senior Lucy Green discovers that things seldom go as planned. Fresh on the heels of a breakup, Lucy meets Dov Meiri, a new Israeli student whose future as a conscript... Read More

Book Review

Exile of the Sky God

by Ho Lin

An odyssey towards atonement is the backbone of P. Anastasia’s fresh, lively take on Egyptian mythology, "Exile of the Sky God". Horus may be a few hundred years old, ruler of the skies, and gifted with formidable powers, but in the... Read More

Book Review

Ever Alice

by Edith Wairimu

"Ever Alice" is an enthralling take on a classic story. H. J. Ramsay’s young adult fantasy "Ever Alice" is an intriguing reinvention of Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the Looking-Glass. Here, Alice finds herself confined to an asylum... Read More

Book Review

Stranded in the Wild

by Nancy Powell

"Stranded in the Wild" is an emotional coming-of-age adventure with a positive message. Gary Rodriguez’s "Stranded in the Wild" is a riveting, character-driven adventure that pits a diverse group of adolescents against the treachery of... Read More

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