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Book Review

The Quantum Revelation

by Susan Waggoner

In "The Quantum Revelation", Paul Levy focuses on aspects of quantum theory to propose a merging of science and spiritual awareness. The likely response to any mention of quantum physics is a “count me out” roll of the eyes. It’s... Read More

Book Review

Engraved on the Heart

by Karen Rigby

In Tara Johnson’s "Engraved on the Heart", a young Southern woman’s sense of duty to her family bristles against a moral reckoning. Keziah Montgomery shines as an unlikely abolitionist whose star-crossed love kindles a dangerous,... Read More

Book Review

Believe Me

by Matt Grant

In its struggle to understand how conservative Christian evangelicals—the same men and women who profess to be followers of Jesus—could not only support a morally bankrupt presidential candidate like Donald Trump, but also... Read More

Book Review

No Less Days

by John M. Murray

In the engaging speculative Christian novel "No Less Days", an immortal man grapples with his faith. David Galloway is close to death when a well-meaning doctor injects him with a serum that grants him seeming immortality. David lives... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Strange, surreal, and symbolic, Aaron Costain’s graphic novel, "Entropy", probes some of the deepest questions about creation with a funny, absurd sensibility that makes it all go down smoothly. The book opens with a mysterious... Read More

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