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Book Review

Sunrise Dance

by Danielle Ballantyne

Push and pull the tabs of this colorful, calming story to reveal how various creatures start their days—and maybe give children some ideas of what to do with their own. As the sun rises over the crest of the distant hills, the forest... Read More

Book Review

The Sharing Bear

by Michelle Anne Schingler

With electric colors and creatures outlined in bold, thick lines, this joyous rhyming board book follows a watermelon-loving, long-haired bear who’s jazzed to fold into the tasty fruit he just bought. When his forest friends show up,... Read More

Book Review

Extreme North

by Kristine Morris

About the history, fantasies, projections, and outright lies that have formed Western civilization’s concepts of what’s good, true, and beautiful, Bernd Brunner’s panoramic cultural text "Extreme North" shows that the vast, frozen... Read More

Book Review

Creative Mending

by Rachel Jagareski

Clothing repair is elevated from a humdrum chore to a fashionable, eco-friendly, and artistic outlet in "Creative Mending". Replete with over 300 illustrations and color photographs, Hikaru Noguchi’s book outlines tools, techniques,... Read More

Book Review

Where the Silver River Ends

by Katerie Prior

In Anna Quon’s novel "Where the Silver River Ends", travels abroad lead to incredible self-discoveries. Joan, Canadian and of Chinese heritage, works as an English teacher in Budapest. Her friend Edna’s dying wish is that she deliver... Read More

Book Review

However Long the Day

by Wendy Hinman

Set in 1918 in Manhattan, Justin Reed’s historical novel "However Long the Day" follows two young men who switch identities. Niall is an Irish immigrant whose world turns upside down when he trades places with his doppelgänger,... Read More

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