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Book Review

Our Oldest Task

by Anna Call

This dense but well-structured philosophical text endeavors to examine the cultural causes of climate change. Drawing from the Enlightenment, American culture is fiercely individualistic. But is that a constructive attitude when that... Read More

Book Review

For Two Thousand Years

by Kristen Rabe

This newly translated novel explores timeless themes of acceptance and struggle with power, grace, and insight. "For Two Thousand Years" is a profoundly moving novel that brilliantly captures the complex tensions of Eastern Europe prior... Read More

Book Review

Lies She Told

by Angela Woltman

The line between a novelist and her creations blurs in this swift psychological thriller. "Lies She Told" blurs the line between fact and fiction to plumb the depths of a woman on the brink of collapse. Liza is a thriller writer who... Read More

Book Review

The Indigo Girl

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Boyd paints a vivid portrait of a young woman entrepreneur’s defiant and revolutionary spirit. Natasha Boyd’s "The Indigo Girl" introduces an all-but-forgotten, real-life historical figure, Eliza Lucas, while providing a fascinating... Read More

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