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Eat Wheat

A Scientifically and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back into Your Diet

Gluten-free has gone from diet craze to full-scale movement. But is gluten unequivocally a substance to be avoided? That, along with similar concerns about dairy, is the question of John A. Douillard’s book.

Through his experience, he believes that eliminating dairy and wheat are only short-term, surface-level fixes for a larger problem: when the digestive tract isn’t working well, it releases toxins into the lymphatic system. By dealing with this root issue, Douillard is able to craft a solution that has long-term results and fewer dietary restrictions. As with any modern food trend, there’s truth and there’s hype. Douillard, as a physician, deftly separates the two. For example, contrary to common understanding, ancient wheat had twice the gluten of today’s wheat, and it also had substantial health benefits. By digging deep into facts, research, and history, he silences the noise that makes it difficult to know what decisions to make. In doing so, he equips modern eaters for health and affirms their own abilities to make healthy choices.

By reexamining history, eating patterns, and the modern diet, Douillard crafts a holistic, nuanced solution that embraces moderation and the body’s own rhythms. His solution is a balance of broad principles and practical nuts and bolts (including a seasonal grocery list). Those who follow his advice will find their diet rich and diverse, and their digestive and overall health enriched.

Douillard’s approach is positive, even as he doles out information as a doctor. He doesn’t blast people who’ve gone gluten-free, even if they’ve done so for reasons that have proved ineffective. Instead, he invites all kinds of eaters to rethink their habits. Douillard’s style and wisdom appeal to those who long for health and aren’t satisfied with simplistic answers that don’t achieve real change. Empowered by the contents of this book, anyone can craft a truly healthy, balanced diet.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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