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Book Review

Chi Boy

by Eleanor Bader

Held together by references to Chicago, Keenan Norris’s "Chi Boy" is a memoir, a social history, a eulogy for his ancestors, and a tribute to inspiring literary men. Jim Crow racism drove Norris’s family north, landing them in... Read More

Book Review

Think of Horses

by Amy O'Loughlin

In Mary Clearman Blew’s novel "Think of Horses", a disheartened, middle-aged romance novelist returns to her native Montana to reevaluate her life choices. It’s summer in Sun Creek, the mountainous ranching country that skilled horse... Read More

Book Review

Pictures of the Shark

by Jeff Fleischer

An often sad and always compelling novel in short stories, Thomas H. McNeely’s "Pictures of the Shark" follows Buddy, tracking the echoes of his parents’ broken marriage as they reverberate through his coming-of-age. In “Snow,... Read More

Book Review

Crossing Paths

by Kristine Morris

The Pacific Crest Trail winds its way between the Mexican and Canadian borders, challenging and inspiring trekkers with its deserts and streams, dense forests, and rugged mountain slopes. In "Crossing Paths", editors Rees Hughes and... Read More

Book Review

Jacob's Apartment

by Peter Dabbene

A young man experiences a crisis of faith and stirrings of love in the graphic novel Jacob’s Apartment. Jacob and Sarah are California roommates with contrasting lifestyles and worldviews: Sarah is an atheist with a history of... Read More

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