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Book Review

The Isolation Artist

by Eileen Gonzalez

In "The Isolation Artist", Bob Keyes explores the tumultuous life and death of an influential artist. Robert Indiana is best remembered for his rendering of the word “LOVE” in bold type, the first two letters atop the last two, the... Read More

Book Review

Blossom as the Cliffrose

by Melissa Wuske

The poems and prose pieces of "Blossom as the Cliffrose" celebrate the beauty and nature of the Mormon faith. The cliffrose is a beautiful but perhaps unlikely plant that blooms in the rugged Western deserts, where Mormons were forced to... Read More

Book Review

Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun

by Ho Lin

Packed with violence and mordant humor, Jeff Chon’s novel "Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun" is unsparing in delivering cutting commentary about contemporary America. When Scott, a disgraced former high school teacher, invades a pizza... Read More

Book Review

Our Changing Menu

by Rachel Jagareski

Warming temperatures may benefit a few animals and plants, but human-driven climate shifts threaten most of the species that humans depend on for food. "Our Changing Menu" is a detailed, lively overview of how the world’s most popular... Read More

Book Review

After All

by Eileen Gonzalez

"After All" is a historical novel full of talented liars, alluring places, and plot points drawn from real life. In Robert Arthur Neff’s historical novel "After All", intrigue and romance collide in post-World War II South America.... Read More

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