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The Battle for Darracia - Book 2

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Detailed imagery builds a clear picture of multiple worlds and the unique characters that inhabit them.

Collision is an entertaining novel that continues the story of V’sair and his struggle to unite the races on the planet of Darracia. The narrative follows the adventures of multiple characters as each one fights to determine the leadership and, ultimately, the fate of the planet. Packed with action, political intrigue, love, and betrayal, Michael Phillip Cash’s book will appeal to a wide audience, particularly fans of science fiction.

Darracia is in a state of chaos. After Staf Nuen assassinated his brother, the king, and was driven from the planet by his nephew, V’sair, the world became divided. V’sair wants to extend rights to the tree-dwelling Quyroo, who live in the forest of the Desa on the planet’s surface. There are many who disagree, however, and continue to believe in the superiority of the traditional ruling class that occupies the sky city. Additionally, Nuen is still at large and plotting to come back and take the planet from his nephew. V’sair’s political trouble is matched by his personal issues. Against V’sair’s wishes, his half brother has left to hunt down Staf Nuen, and Tulani, his love, has returned to the Desa to try and win the support of the Quyroo.

Collision is complex, spanning multiple worlds with their own economies, mythologies, and customs. The descriptions are delightful and vivid, painting clear pictures that help to define both the characters and their worlds. For example, the author writes: “He awoke to silence, the rich time before the suns rise, when dew graces the ground, coating the grass like sugar spun crystals, untouched by the filthy rabble inhabiting the planet.” The story focuses on an interplanetary struggle for power, but the themes that run through the plot—love, equality, and justice—make the book engaging and relatable.

The novel does have flaws. Few details are provided about the characters except for those that pertain to the action of the plot. While this keeps the pace moving quickly, some of the characters’ actions are not adequately explained. For example, there is a Quyroo named Seren who wants to marry Tulani. She defeats him in a fight in order to win her freedom under Quyroo custom. Seren is angry, but little more is said about him. When he shows up to play a more significant role later in the book, it is a surprise that is difficult to accept because there is not enough background information about him to make him feel relevant to the story. Additionally, there are occasional problems with grammar and format. Two chapters are labeled as chapter 20, and there are a few run-on sentences. These problems are minor, however, and do not detract from the enjoyment of the narrative.

Ultimately, Collision is a great deal of fun. Those who enjoyed Schism, the first novel in this series, will not be disappointed with its sequel. It is clear by the end of the story that the author intends to write more books about Darracia and its galactic neighbors. The last page will leave readers anxious for the next installment.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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