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November 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2021.

Book Review

Hula Girls

by Karen Rigby

"Hula Girls" is a gritty historical novel in which a woman becomes a widow and experiences gradual flourishing. In Eric B. Miller’s historical novel "Hula Girls", a guileless navy officer’s wife matures. Living in Hawaii from just... Read More

Book Review

Space Story

by Randi Hacker

"Space Story" is a witty science fiction novel in which teenagers go up against an army of mutant robots who wish to obliterate humanity. Earth is destroyed in W. W. Marplot’s sprawling science fiction novel "Space Story", and two... Read More

Book Review

Cotton Teeth

by Brandee Gruener

"Cotton Teeth" is a memoir that holds its audience in thrall by applying humor and style to its stories of endurance. Told with a comic’s dark wit, Glenn Rockowitz’s "Cotton Teeth" is an unsettling, unsparing memoir about the ravages... Read More

Book Review

The Crystal Skull

by Delia Stanley

In the romantic fantasy novel "The Crystal Skull", flawed people determine what they are willing to do for love and control. In Daniela Valenti’s fantasy novel "The Crystal Skull", the second book in the Sentinel 10 series, betrayals... Read More

Book Review

Malkah Job

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Malkah Job" is a slow-burning thriller in which an Israeli spy has erotic encounters with men from her past. In Vasilissa Wladowsky’s erotic novel "Malkah Job", a hardened spy embarks on a mission to save her husband from the bosses... Read More

Book Review

The Road Home

by Mari Carlson

In the evocative novel "The Road Home", a traumatized woman starts the long process of belonging. Set in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Laura Tonwe’s rich novel "The Road Home" is a story about healing. After college, Stephanie,... Read More

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