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November 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2021.

Book Review

How Did I Do That?

by Quin Sonner

"How Did I Do That?" is a lighthearted memoir about gaining personal wisdom by asking the right questions. Bill Dutcher’s reflective memoir "How Did I Do That?" responds with wonder to his lifetime of atypical experiences. Dutcher grew... Read More

Book Review

Connecting the Dots

by Matt Benzing

"Connecting the Dots" is a heartfelt guide that encourages spiritual improvement through daily readings and exercises. Jason O. Yearwood’s "Connecting the Dots" is a Christian devotional that takes the form of portioned readings and... Read More

Book Review

Frank's Frantic Festival

by Kristine Morris

The entertaining picture book Frank’s Frantic Festival follows a boy through the consequences of his magic-based misbehavior. Harry Binnendyk’s picture book Frank’s Frantic Festival follows a boy and his best friend through their... Read More

Book Review

Hotel Highway Very Most Famous

by Aleena Ortiz

A woman seeks meaning and connections after being abandoned by her husband in the musing novel "Hotel Highway Very Most Famous". Sudha Challa’s spiritual novel "Hotel Highway Very Most Famous" is about a woman’s triumphs and despairs... Read More

Book Review

Just One Life

by Mari Carlson

With wit, verve, and compassion, Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One Life" demonstrates how one man’s tragedy can become the impetus for healing and growth in the lives of those around him. In Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One... Read More

Book Review

The Rainstorm

by Michele Sharpe

The mysterious free verses collected in "The Rainstorm" explore the power of language and the paradoxes of the self. Rachel Downing’s poetry collection "The Rainstorm" delves into a world of opposing forces centered in the self. The... Read More

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