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January 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2021.

Book Review

Tuesday Night Requiem

by Mari Carlson

"Tuesday Night Requiem" is a polarized modern-day Western novella with a tender twist in which a nurse battles to die with dignity. In L. S. Collison’s contemporary Western novella "Tuesday Night Requiem", renegade health workers... Read More

Book Review

Revelation of the Bible

by Jeremiah Rood

"Revelation of the Bible" is an unusual work of biblical commentary that sees evidence of alien visitation in the book of Exodus and the life of Moses. Moshe Mazin’s intriguing religious book "Revelation of the Bible" uses scientific... Read More

Book Review

Siege Chronicles

by John M. Murray

In the fun steampunk novellas of "Siege Chronicles", a trio of redeemable scamps has exciting adventures in a world embroiled in war. In Mark William Chase’s action-packed, six-part novel "Siege Chronicles", a mercenary group pursues... Read More

Book Review

Voyage to Crusoe

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Voyage to Crusoe" is a novel about a man learning to value who he is, not what others want him to be. In Leif Beiley’s novel "Voyage to Crusoe", a frustrated architect embarks on a perilous, life-changing trip to the South Pacific. In... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

"Effacement" is an action-packed, genre-bending thriller that introduces a white-collar superhero whose braininess and ethical behavior save the day. In Hieronymous Hawkes’s intense, chilling psychological thriller "Effacement",... Read More

Book Review

Becoming a Democracy

by Wendy Hinman

"Becoming a Democracy" makes a timely, informed case for correcting the US’s electoral system. Kristin Eberhard’s "Becoming a Democracy" is a thorough, impartial reference text for those who hope to foster democracy in the United... Read More

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