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October 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2016.

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Book Review

A Spiritual Dog

by Kristine Morris

Porter shows how much fun the give-and-take between a beloved pet and a family can be. A Spiritual Dog: “Bear“ is J. Wesley Porter’s tender story about a father with two young sons and the adorable, energetic puppy they adopt from... Read More

Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Epic in scope, "Telonaut" takes no less than Earth’s governance and all of space as its stage. "Telonaut", Matt Tyson’s science-fiction dystopia, uncovers the dark side of the new world order’s space colonization program and... Read More

Book Review

Inventing Loreta Velasquez

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Loreta Velazquez, cross-dresser and alleged soldier for the Confederacy, fascinated people in her own time and birthed a legend that still generates interest today. Civil War scholar William C. Davis writes Inventing Loreta Velazquez... Read More

Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

This is a woman’s perspective on war, a gritty glimpse into the danger and hardship of soldiering on the front lines. Chantelle Taylor’s Battleworn: The Memoir of a Combat Medic in Afghanistan tells a harrowing tale of war from a... Read More

Book Review

Large Was Their Bounty

by Aimee Johnson

"Large Was Their Bounty", a lovingly written story about two parents, is a book that will be coveted by family and close friends. In "Large Was Their Bounty", a heartwarming tribute to the parents of Sue, Paul, David, Rick, Tom, and... Read More

Book Review

Cold Sweat

by Gary Presley

With its G-rated content, "Cold Sweat" would be a fun book to pick up when it’s time for a laugh. Peter Linzmeyer’s "Cold Sweat" is a light, fun read, offering humorous anecdotes and poems, all highlighted by cartoon illustrations by... Read More

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