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Large Was Their Bounty

Memories of Mom and Dad

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Large Was Their Bounty, a lovingly written story about two parents, is a book that will be coveted by family and close friends.

In Large Was Their Bounty, a heartwarming tribute to the parents of Sue, Paul, David, Rick, Tom, and Bobbie Clavelle, the authors stitch together memories of a life well lived and a love freely and abundantly given.

The book is an endearing recounting of the life and love story of Bob and Jeannette Clavelle as told by their six children, who share their firsthand accounts of what growing up at 26 Hall Street meant. In a retelling that is honest in its details, spanning over ninety years, these siblings manage to reveal the characters of their parents both as individuals and as a married couple struggling to raise a large family.

Over the course of this straightforward memorial, as America is actively changing in so many ways during the last half of the twentieth century, the Clavelle family remains solid in their traditions, devotion, pride, humility, and tough work ethic. At a time when women were just beginning to enter the workplace, Jeannette Clavelle, a woman who prides herself on taking care of her family and her home, finds that she is forced to work due to the ever-increasing cost of living and the financial demands of raising a large family. Her husband not only respects the decision but would always see it as “Mom’s sacrifice.” At the same time, Bob Clavelle’s troublesome addictions conflict with his never-ending drive to provide for his family, but they are taken in stride, especially by his devoted wife.

Through the use of very basic language and style, the biography takes on a flat tone, making the story a bit lackluster. Yet it’s an easy, fast-paced tale because it is written clearly and in chronological order. By providing substantial details, the siblings are able to provide a front-row seat to how Bob and Jeannette Clavelle provide for the needs of their children, both physically and emotionally, while also being generous to those outside their home.

The Clavelle siblings are very clear in their descriptions of what it was like growing up in their home. Because of these collective efforts to recall detailed memories like the time their dad brought home a hitchhiker and the dining room ping-pong table Jeannette banished to the attic, the authors are comprehensive in revealing the true characters of Bob and Jeannette to their audience.

The Clavelle siblings composed this memorial with much obvious love and affection. Large Was Their Bounty is a book that will be coveted by family and close friends.

Reviewed by Aimee Johnson

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