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April 22, 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 22, 2014. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in April 2014.

Book Review

Cristo by Cristo

by Sonya Lovy

This allegorical retelling of Christ’s travels offers an overview of his accomplishments. Cristo is a wanderer—a Jewish, fatherless man on the outskirts of society. On his travels, he is accompanied by nothing but his own thoughts on... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Walker

Furman eloquently weaves emotion and facts into his memoir to reveal his admiration of Florida’s natural landscape. Andrew Furman’s Bitten: My Unexpected Love Affair with Florida is packed with reasons for appreciating the Sunshine... Read More

Book Review

Balinese Food

by Matt Sutherland

By way of introduction to Vivienne Kruger’s "Balinese Food", bear in mind that eight degrees south of the equator, this modest- sized, lava rich, emerald green island rests among the 17,508 remote, culturally distinct constellation of... Read More

Book Review

All You Need Is Less

by Karen Rigby

Somerville’s down-to-earth commentary helps “lazy environmentalists” get back to earth the DIY way. Green living meets household management without the tension and one-upmanship often found in environmental discussions. Madeleine... Read More

Book Review

O, Democracy!

by Jeff Fleischer

Rooney successfully captures both the excitement of a political campaign and the ennui of a going-nowhere office job in this character-driven novel. In Kathleen Rooney’s novel "O, Democracy!", working on a Senate reelection campaign... Read More