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May 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2013.

Book Review

Hounded by God

by Kristine Morris

These moving spiritual journal entries are recommended for those seeking to understand how God’s deep, wide love embraces everyone. Coming out as gay in the late 1960s was fraught with problems and even danger. In "Hounded by God",... Read More

Book Review

A Hard Decision

by Ron Watson

This emotionally hefty play deals with the effects of war on individuals and relationships, and should strike a sympathetic chord with veterans. Westley Thomas’s play "A Hard Decision" focuses on the aftermath of war in a... Read More

Book Review

A Foreign Shore

by Karyn Saemann

Intricate world-building makes this complex fantasy a fun and rewarding undertaking. Members of a medieval royal family and their followers encounter more than they bargained for when their invasion of a distant province unearths deadly,... Read More

Book Review

The Haunted Trail

by Shannan Spitz

Mummies, ghosts, and clowns, oh my! Read this book by a campfire to get the most out of the danger and thrills. "The Haunted Trail", by John Lukegord, is an anfractuous tale of murder and insanity. Taking place in the backwoods of... Read More

Book Review

Beach Devotions

by Jeff Friend

This wonderful collection of devotionals is complemented by gorgeous photographs. In "Beach Devotions", Laura Vae Gatz uses vivid photography and engaging words to provide contemplative devotionals related to a refreshing day at the... Read More

Book Review

Rassler's Dozen

by Felicia Topp

Shirlee, with her verbal quirks, interesting backstory, and a happy and accepting nature, is a character who deserves a sequel or even a TV series. Rassler’s Dozen: The Year of Wrangling Sibs, by husband-and-wife writing team... Read More

Book Review

Night Chill

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Gory, bloody, medical manipulation will chill you to the bone in this unforgettable, exceptional debut. A primitive ritual and an ancient secret threaten a family’s safety in this heart-pounding tale of horrific madness. Guaranteed to... Read More

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