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April 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2012.

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Book Review

Destructive Interference

by DeAnn Rossetti

In his debut novel, Martin Skogsbeck combines medical science with romantic obsession and melodrama to create an engaging and educational story. French neurologist Redan “Red” Palleago narrates this book as an overt plea to find his... Read More

Book Review


by Bill Baker

In many ways, "Oceanverse" is a harbinger of things to come for publishing in general, and for graphic novel publishing, in particular. First, it’s a self-published project, and a print collection of a webcomic. (A webcomic is any... Read More

Book Review

Singapore and Asia

by Emily Adams

Singapore and Asia: Celebrating Globalization and an Emerging Postmodern Asian Civilization by TK TI and Edward SW TI is an insightful and educational look into the economic history, growth, and expansion of Singapore. "Singapore and... Read More

Book Review

Usher's Harbour

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

Usher’s Harbour introduces a post-apocalyptic, twenty-third century world in which human beings reside safely inside meticulously controlled domed cities, protected from the disease and climate disasters that have ravaged the earth and... Read More

Book Review

Captain No Beard

by Peter Dabbene

What kid doesn’t love pretending to be a pirate? Certainly not Captain No Beard (also known as Alexander), the hero of Carole P. Roman’s simple and delightful children’s book, "Captain No Beard". The tale is Roman’s first entry... Read More

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