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April 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2012.

Book Review

Love Has No Color

by Claire Foster

"Love Has No Color" is a light interracial romance that skirts serious issues. Love is blind—and it can be deaf and dumb, too. "Love Has No Color" is an enthusiastic interracial romance that explores the taboos of black family life,... Read More

Book Review

From Adam to Omega

by Anna Call

Entertaining and well-reasoned, this book will even make skeptics want to believe in UFOs. "From Adam to Omega" by A. R. Roberts is a thorough review of documented UFO phenomena and an argument that alien encounters have influenced the... Read More

Book Review

Earth and Beyond

by Julia Ann Charpentier

This sci-fi escapade is a multidimensional experience propelled by high-speed action and colorful, descriptive detail. Imaginative extraterrestrial worlds are enriched with fascinating and frightening phenomena in Anthony Sailer’s... Read More

Book Review

My Five Stones

by John Senger

Pohl has a gift for intertwining storytelling with small bits of profound observation. With "My Five Stones", Susan Darin Pohl has written a cogent and effective memoir that plainly but compellingly relates her development from being a... Read More

Book Review

Duty, Honor, Money

by Mark McLaughlin

"Duty, Honor, Money" is a damn fine war story that does honor to the grunts. "Duty, Honor, Money" may just be THE Afghan war novel. Written by a retired marine major general, it is a gritty, authentic tale of men in combat, as well as an... Read More

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