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September 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2011.

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Book Review

Eyes of the Insane

by Laura Munion

“I’ve been called crazy, sick, deranged and even a murderer. That’s right, a murderer! That’s how far out there my story is, but it’s all just a cover up.” Erik Erichson, the narrator and main character of Eyes of the Insane... Read More

Book Review

Rape and Killing

by Cindy Wolfe Boynton

Russell A. Mebane’s hope for Rape & Killing: Stories from a Strange Mind is that it will stay in readers’ minds “for all eternity.” He’s come close. This collection of short stories and essays is filled, as the title... Read More

Book Review

I Rise

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Set against the backdrop of Nigeria, "I Rise" is the story of Elijah, a sincere romantic hero. He marries Miriam, desiring a quiet domestic life with his twin sons, only to be incarcerated as a suspect for a crime he did not commit.... Read More

Book Review

Snutt the Ift

Snutt voyages to a distant planet to discover what he can—wonderful tuffetills, blossibums, and flewimols—only to find that he’s terribly lonely away from home. When he eventually meets a Waft, with whom he can share his beautiful... Read More

Book Review

All Cry Chaos

by Edward Morris

At the age of fifty-seven, Interpol detective Henri Poincare still has the capacity to be shocked and saddened by human brutality. And in this first of a projected series of mysteries Poincare has plenty to be shocked about. He is still... Read More

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