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Eyes of the Insane


Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

“I’ve been called crazy, sick, deranged and even a murderer. That’s right, a murderer! That’s how far out there my story is, but it’s all just a cover up.”

Erik Erichson, the narrator and main character of Eyes of the Insane: Troll, hints early on at what kind of person he is and what sort of tale he has to tell. The author begins the novel by setting up the backstory of a camping trip that goes horribly wrong. What would normally be a pleasant outing is instead fraught with terror caused by wolves and the possible existence of trolls. The wolves have supernatural powers and the trolls are giant, bloodthirsty creatures who eat human flesh.

As the story continues, it takes a hard turn from horrific fantasy into a tale of psychological horror with graphic accounts of murder. The killings are tied to the first part of the novel, though there is no further mention of trolls and supernatural wolves.

The story has many interesting and detailed scenes, particularly in the forest with the wolves and trolls. These scenarios can draw the reader in and create tension and fear: “He stuck his head up from the ditch to see if it was really gone. He couldn’t see anything, just trees and bushes…As he took a firm grip around the root a vine with a hang-man’s noose fell out of the tree above…He was hoisted up into the trees, kicking and gasping for air.”

The novel is riddled with misspelled words and grammatical errors. With graphic and gory details of death, strong language, and sex scenes, this isn’t a novel for younger readers. However, Troll would be of interest to readers who like horror and thriller stories.

The first in a trilogy, Troll is also the first novel published by author Eric Vik. He resides in Norway with his girlfriend and three daughters.

Reviewed by Laura Munion

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