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September 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2011.

Book Review

Ocean Whirled

by Jill Allen

With a fast pace and vivid world building, this story of merfolk is eminently readable. Stories of merfolk who can venture onto land have been popular since Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. In a similar vein, Sam Webb’s... Read More

Book Review

I Must Survive!

by Sheila M. Trask

This engaging story, with two skillfully spun parallel tales, begs to be read in one sitting. In his absorbing debut novel, Harry Simpson pairs the urgency of a soldier’s 1966 tour of duty in Vietnam with a nostalgic look at a... Read More

Book Review

Star-Spangled Sailors

by Alan Couture

Set during the War of 1812, this is a skillfully crafted story about men grappling with battle-wrought changes to their souls and the bonds that drive them onward. Though they may not realize it, men fight and die not for a cause but for... Read More

Book Review

Sharing Power

by Kristine Morris

"Sharing Power" is the story of the rapid rise of Colombian women to leadership between the years 1957 and 1998, a time when Colombia’s drug violence was raging. When Barbara Frechette, a journalist, editor, author, and wife of the US... Read More

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