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January 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2011.

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Book Review

Five Foot Voice

by Olivia Boler

Poet Alise Versella is barely into her twenties, yet the majority of the poems she has crafted in her debut collection use fresh imagery and resist clichés. Even though she is young, she does not take her youth for granted, as shown in... Read More

Book Review

Women Who Roar

by Cheryl M. Hibbard

While occasionally somewhat familiar, Annabelle Wilson’s women lack the roar that her title suggests. Wilson has fictionalized the life stories of seven real women, chosen for their ability to “serve as an inspiration to the rest of... Read More

Book Review

Duckie Goosie Fixes His Sled

by Peter Dabbene

With so many children’s books striving to instill or reinforce a moral code, it is nice to see one that also tries to teach something a bit more down to earth, like, say, the art of fixing a hole in an inner tube. That, of course, is... Read More

Book Review

The H Factor

by Jill Allen

Imagine an America less dependent on fossil fuels. Imagine an America producing clean energy and halting climate change. That’s the vision of brilliant engineering students Gerri Miller and Marc Garrett in L. E. Indianer’s second... Read More

Book Review

The Last Warrior Queen

by Jill Allen

Imagine a powerful realm ruled by queens, where an elite defensive force of women protects the country with its magical powers. Critically acclaimed writer Areta Nwosu, whose first novel was one of six finalists nominated for the Pat... Read More

Book Review

Tracking Terra

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

Sara Alessa Giustino, the central character in J.K. Scott’s "Tracking Terra", tells David, possibly a former lover, what it’s like to be ageless: “My life’s purpose is to advance my consciousness. My longevity offers me a... Read More

Book Review

The Cellar Door

by Joseph Thompson

Divorce, through the eyes of a child, is ugly, terrifying, and traumatic. The stable shifts. The permanent dissolves. Nothing is ever as real as it once seemed to be. And no matter how many reassurances of love both parents may give, the... Read More

Book Review

I like to Watch

by Elizabeth Millard

The nuances of voyeurism and sexuality make for a powerful blend in this first-ever anthology of erotica for gay voyeurs and exhibitionists. Adeptly edited by Christopher Pierce, who also edited Biker Boys: Gay Erotic Stories and... Read More

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