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November 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2010.

Book Review

Frank-3 Enroute

by Clarissa Goldsmith

Featuring endless action and a fast-paced narrative, this amusing and heartfelt book fleshes out the world of the Las Vegas police force. Frank-3 Enroute: The Streets of Las Vegas, written by Rod Harris and Norma Hood, is an... Read More

Book Review

Faded Acts of Love

by Jill Allen

Veteran short story author Joseph F. Alexander’s debut novel, "Faded Acts of Love", is a sweeping saga spanning several years of love battered by loss, unresolved grief, and impulsiveness. When adman Peter is an impressionable... Read More

Book Review

Things I Say to Myself

by Barry Silverstein

Gary “Dale” Andrews describes himself as a Christian mystic who has worked in a number of roles, including as a minister, counselor, and non-profit CEO. In his “twenty-five years of college,” he embraced everything from languages... Read More

Book Review


by Maria Siano

In this detailed memoir, Rose-Aimee recounts her, unusual experiences growing up in a cabin in the woods of Quebec during the Great Depression, a time she refers to as a self-imposed exile, when her family lived a pioneer-like existence... Read More

Book Review


by J. G. Stinson

Blake Walker’s debut novel takes the reader down the roads that Tolkien built, makes a left turn into Robert Howard’s lands, and goes straight on into the world of a young warrior named Katrina, who faces the greatest challenge of... Read More

Book Review

Aged to Perfection

by Cheryl Hibbard

Author and semi-retired professor Joyce Henricks introduces a delightful, engaging cast of characters in her charming new novel, "Aged to Perfection". From the feisty, good-hearted Hannah Lowenstein, recently widowed and now living with... Read More

Book Review

The Guardian Corps

by Mark McLaughlin

It is impossible to read Daryl Edwards’s "The Guardian Corps" without visions of the most recent Star Wars trilogy. His Guardians are a mix of Templar crusaders, Green Beret commandos, and, especially, Jedi knights. While they may not... Read More

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