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April 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2008.

Book Review

Kingdom Wealth

by Jada Bradley

Kingdom Wealth: The Power to Get It, by J. Vernon Duncan, explores just how Christians can increase in Kingdom wealth—the financial blessings available to those who are part of the Kingdom of God. Though Duncan points out that Kingdom... Read More

Book Review

Clawed Back from the Dead

“He was caught in a chiaroscuro ballet with the light flickering on and off behind him. He became a part of the movie” the author writes. Such a cinematic ending to this big-picture crime thriller is unavoidable; the villain is... Read More

Book Review

The Organ Grinder and the Monkey

Sam Moffie’s second novel the bold and picaresque "The Organ Grinder and the Monkey" is a story of merriment madness and murder that takes place in settings including the Italian neighbourhood of Steubenville Ohio; a Jewish community... Read More

Book Review

The Religious Subversion of Democracy

“Onward Nazi soldiers, onward Christian soldiers, onward Marxist soldiers, onward Marxists and Muslims, onward every chosen People, every Crusader and Holy War-maker. Onward into misery, into wickedness, into death!” —Island,... Read More

Book Review

Searching for a Nation

Carolyn Nowlin’s first full-length novel features her own Hammond family ancestors. She begins with Martin Hammond who leaves home—a place without a name—for the New World in January 1635. Sparse details and reproductions of... Read More

Book Review

Advance the Engine Summer

This poetry isn’t what you’d expect from a rock singer; there’s no sex, no drugs, and very little mention of music. The collection includes some fifty poems divided into six sections, roughly by subject, with Latin or pseudolatin... Read More

Book Review


Life’s a bitch and then you die; after that the real difficulties commence. Billy Quick learns this when he makes the acquaintance of a spirit named Phoenix who reaches from the Astral Plane to modern day London armed with a compelling... Read More

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