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March 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2008.

Book Review

Hotel Romance

by Julia Ann Charpentier

"Hotel Romance", a saga that crosses genre boundaries, is a world of monetary power, high-stakes manipulation, and passion—not a place for emotional wimps. Two bundled stories, this glitzy fiction delves into the intertwined, exciting... Read More

Book Review

Backland Graces

by Geraldine Richards

Hal Zina Bennett lives with his wife and pets in a lakeside cabin in rural Northern California. He describes his neighbors as “mostly responsible” citizens living in a hardscrabble community that is “a far cry from Midtown, USA.”... Read More

Book Review

Alice in Wonder

by Jill Allen

Alice Lancaster, a wealthy, Caucasian international relations worker, lives with her family in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. After an unsettling encounter with a Chinese mystic, she finds her paradigms shifting; she sees the world in a new... Read More

Book Review

The Journey to Be Your Own Best Friend

“If you improve the quality of your thinking you will you must inevitably improve the quality of your life.” So posits Paula Klee Parish the CEO of Performance Solutions Inc. and a professional development educator who offers a... Read More

Book Review

Rules of THUM

R. J. Peters is a “self-taught visionary” dedicated to his own self-awareness and to helping others grow. His current book is a compilation of his thoughts on what it takes to live a life that could be described as “happy.”... Read More

Book Review

The Nurse & The Postmaster

This charming memoir the story of two lovers and their respective journeys to finding true happiness is a romantic and emotional tale told from two varying perspectives each as intriguing as the last. Book One focuses on Zeni a Filipino... Read More

Book Review

Forgotten Promises

Love lost love regained; a psychotic spurned female cute kids and slapstick matchmakers all come together in Denise Skelton’s third multi-ethnic romance "Forgotten Promises". The characters’ only ethnic or racial influences stop at... Read More

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