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March 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2008.

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Book Review

Talk Like A Winner!

“Basically I’d like to find more ways where we can party with the chicks in the girls’ dorms” the author once said in a speech before a college election. “That’s really what we all want isn’t it? Uhh…I guess that’s... Read More

Book Review

The Bluebird Conspiracy

In the near future America is nearly imploding as the first female President fails to undo damage wrought by the Bush administration. The country’s potential savior who bears the Vonnegut-like name of Truman Trout turns coal into gold... Read More

Book Review

A Pocket Can Have a Treasure in It

“A barn can have a horse in it.” That line, considered but rejected as the opening of Charlotte’s Web, inspired this appealing picture book that gently muses on what can be found in what. The small protagonist ponders the potential... Read More

Book Review

The Prepared Parent Guide

College. It’s enough to send a shudder through the heart of any parent, and not just because of empty-nest syndrome. Money (both the parent’s and the student’s)—or lack thereof. Transportation. Dorms versus apartments. Parent... Read More

Book Review

The Age of Engage

To succeed in today’s global technology-driven economy, business owners must be on the leading edge in marketing their products and services. In this forward-thinking guide to marketing in the Live Web age, Shiffman, founder and... Read More

Book Review

Watergate Prosecutor

“No one—not even the president—can break the law in order to enforce it nor violate the Constitution in order to protect it.” This line-in-the sand observation, made by the author when he was a special prosecutor during the... Read More

Book Review

Dragons and Garden Peas

by Rachel Jagareski

Neither lung cancer nor fatal boating accident nor the gloom of a homicide investigation will prevent Max the architect from completing his self-appointed mission: to build his dream home on exclusive Shelter Island. He strides over the... Read More

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