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October 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2004.

Book Review

Am I a Color Too?

by Anna Stewart

From the first page, this brilliantly illustrated picture book woos readers with strong, realistic paintings of people. A distinctive black man’s face floats in a dark night sky and the text explains that he is someone’s dad.... Read More

Book Review

Secrets Beyond The Door

Horrorscope Highlights: After a month of being married, the husband announces to his bride that he is going on a journey. He hands over the keys to the mansion’s rooms that hold gold, silver, and jewels. Pointing to one key that opens... Read More

Book Review

Falling Off Air

by Pam Kingsbury

Robin Ballantyne, the heroine of this audiobook, an amateur sleuth who earns her living as a television producer, is on extended maternity leave after the birth of twins, William and Hannah. After many years of floundering, she finally... Read More

Book Review

As We Were

by George Cohen

One of the postcards in this meticulously researched book shows a streetcar riot in Muskegon, Michigan on August 5, 1919, where some of the streetcars are overturned. The postcard’s message reads, “Had a serious riot here Tues. eve -... Read More

Book Review

The Rexall Story

by Cindy Kryszak

For anyone wondering whatever happened to all the small neighborhood Rexall drug stores that were common in the 1920s through 1960s, this book answers that question and more about the Rexall era. The author is a professor emeritus in the... Read More

Book Review

The Only Life That Mattered

by Peyton Moss

A colorful embroidery upon the true story of three early-eighteenth-century buccaneers, this swashbuckling novel boasts an irresistible historical background-a dandified pirate captain and two cross-dressing women who joined him for two... Read More

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