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March 2002

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2002.

Book Review

Men Are Like Fish

by Kathleen Youmans

Most single women have experienced the sinking feeling of fishing for a date from someone special without receiving so much as a nibble. It is enough to make women wonder if there is something wrong with their bait. Nakamoto a former... Read More

Book Review

The Big Picture

by Pam Kingsbury

The author has spent his lifetime comparing religions. A Methodist, he bows toward Mecca five times daily and practices both yoga and meditation. During his formative childhood years in Missouri and Arkansas, Smith witnessed Pentecostal... Read More

Book Review


by John R. Selig

Will Barnett’s father has recently died, leaving Will in charge of the Barnett family farm in rural New Mexico at the tender age of eighteen. Just two days before the death, the Barnetts took in Lance Surfett, who is seventeen and has... Read More

Book Review

When You're Hot, You're Hot

“Just throw back an Ensure shooter with a Pepto-Bismol chaser while you read my book. In no time, you’ll be laughing and feeling much better.” That’s how the author, a humor writer with several books on women’s topics, will... Read More

Book Review

The Witch in the Lake

The witch, “darkness knitted together, a thousand nights sewed into blackness without stars,” inhabits the lake near the small Italian village where the young friends, Leo and Merilee, live in 1540. Generations of Leo’s family have... Read More

Book Review

Crimes of Passion

by Peter Skinner

For the thrill-seeker, murder doesn’t always measure up to expectations. We can hope for a power-crazy ex-commando indulging in a dramatic axe assault but may get a flat-footed meter-reader wielding a poisoned muffin. In fact, love and... Read More

Book Review

Open House

In “The Impossibility of Language,” the opening section of this book, the poet examines the making of poetry and the ironies involved in finding the correct words and their etymologies. She finds poetry in her mother’s post-it... Read More

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