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The Downtown Book

The post-Pill, pre-AIDS decade of 1974—1984 was uniquely rich in art and performance. Because most locations are gone, many artists displaced, much “product” lost to the... Read More

Book Review

Written on Water

The author, a novelist, wrote these sparkling, discursive essays during Japan’s brutal World War II occupation of Shanghai. Readers are likely to consider her a carefree... Read More

Book Review

Fallen Giants

The authors have transformed the catalog-of-climbs, accounts-of-accidents approach of Himalayan mountaineering history into one that captures history and change—from... Read More

Book Review

The Alphabet

The first sentence of Silliman’s forty-years-in-the-making opus, “If the function of writing is to ‘express the world,’” is unfinished to a strict grammarian. But... Read More

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