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March 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2001.

Book Review

Lemuel the Fool

by Martha Topol

Lemuel, a fisherman in a small village, dreams of a magical city on the other side of the sea. He builds himself a boat to carry him across the horizon, and ties a red scarf to the bow to lead the way, and a rope at the stern to trail... Read More

Book Review

These People Are Us

by Dorothy Goepel

The author has brought to the page quirky characters and settings that could only exist in real life in the American South. His main characters are neither poor nor rich and fall somewhere between having a high school and college... Read More

Book Review

The Waterfall's Gift

“The old north woods hides treasure in its deepest places.” Endless treasures of nature and human nature are unveiled by the author and the illustrator in this memorable book about life’s cycles and promises. The young female... Read More

Book Review

Leon the Chameleon

by Karen McCarthy

Little Leon has a problem. His skin does not properly change color according to his surroundings, like other chameleons. All the others turn green when they sit on a green leaf. Leon turns red instead. In the blue pond, where his friends... Read More

Book Review

Embracing Heaven & Earth

Move away from the “dazzling distractions” and “absorption in the feeling experience” towards liberation, transformation, and enlightenment. This is the invitation issued by Cohen, a spiritual teacher since 1986, to listeners at... Read More

Book Review


Aromatherapy, the use of “natural, whole, unadulterated, aromatic essences obtained from specific botanical sources by steam distillation” is a branch of plant or herbal therapy. The practice of aromatherapy employs essential oils to... Read More

Book Review


by Patrick A. Smith

Log cabins defined a particularly American sensibility long before Abe Lincoln was born in a humble hand-hewn shack in Hodgenville, Kentucky. The image of the cabin-be it an old, musty family summer camp or a childhood project that never... Read More

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