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March 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2001.

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Book Review

The Spices of Life

Muhammad, Jesus, and various Popes and bankers like the Medicis and Fuggers have walk-on parts in this story where torture and blood-and-guts violence arise from prophets and religion as much as from profits and capitalism. This story is... Read More

Book Review

Anna's Goat

by Peggy Beck

“Far, far away across the plains and over the mountains in a cold, dark country, Anna was born.” Mother, Father, and sister Wanda “almost forgot the war that had driven them so far from home.” So begins Janice Kulyk Keefer’s... Read More

Book Review

Easy to Remember

by Ronald D. Lankford, Jr.

From 1927 to the mid-1960s American popular songs poured from Broadway and Hollywood. Written by the likes of Porter, Hart, and Berlin, these songs were played on the pianos of thousands of households, and the words and tunes were... Read More

Book Review

Double Time

by Linda Cooley

The year is 2097. Seventeen-year-old Jaynie is inadvertently transported back in time to Civil War-era Virginia and picked up by a traveling minstrel show. Her twin, Jason, is sent back by their scientist father to collect Jaynie. Jason... Read More

Book Review

This Child of Mine

by E. James Lieberman

Sigmund Freud and other therapists have written case histories as gripping as fine short stories. Add to that list Martha Wakenshaw, a mental health counselor in Seattle, who is more compassionate and less theoretical than Freud, but... Read More

Book Review


by Deborah J. Shore

This author dares to look for wisdom in an age of poetic narcissism. Norris’s book is a journey—both through thirty years of writing (including material from previous books of poetry) and through regions of belonging, in the realms... Read More

Book Review

Life on Hold

by Kristine Morris

“Are you ready to live your life with your Christian faith, even if it is a faith that does not have all the answers?” This question, posed by Chaplain Bob Steinke, places a choice before those with serious or terminal illness: “to... Read More

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