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Book Review

Extreme North

by Kristine Morris

About the history, fantasies, projections, and outright lies that have formed Western civilization’s concepts of what’s good, true, and beautiful, Bernd Brunner’s panoramic cultural text "Extreme North" shows that the vast, frozen... Read More

Book Review

The End of Burnout

by Ashley Holstrom

Thorough in analyzing the history and psychology of work and exhaustion, Jonathan Malesic’s book suggests ways to revamp a system that burns people out. Malesic quit his tenured university position when he realized that the work no... Read More

Book Review

My Annihilation

by Karen Mulvahill

“Turn the page, and you may give up your entire life” begins "My Annihilation", Fuminori Nakamura’s jigsaw puzzle of a novel exploring themes of connection and consequence through personal identity and responsibility. In a remote... Read More

Book Review

Asha of the Air

by Ho Lin

In the imaginative, fabulistic novel "Asha of the Air", a woman struggles for freedom and inner peace. This story, equal parts magical adventure and spiritual inquiry, is narrated by a man in a futuristic society who lives in the air... Read More

Book Review

Midnight, Water City

by Delia Stanley

In Chris McKinney’s futuristic thriller "Midnight, Water City", a detective uncovers a conspiracy that makes him question his life’s work. Akira, the most brilliant scientist in the world, hired her head of security because of his... Read More

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