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Book Review

Breaking the Maafa Chain

by Kristine Morris

Based on the true story of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Anni Domingo’s epic historical novel honors the unbreakable bond between two sisters who are captured by slavers in a vicious raid on their African village, sold, and sent to two... Read More

Book Review

Risky Restoration

by Delia Stanley

"Risky Restoration" is a romance novel whose trio of girlfriends deal with relationship issues, pushing through their fears to get what they want. In E. F. Dodd’s romance novel "Risky Restoration", a woman still reeling from an old... Read More

Book Review

Coco at the Ritz

by Karen Rigby

In Gioia Diliberto’s fascinating historical novel "Coco at the Ritz", Coco Chanel, the French couture icon, becomes enmeshed with Nazi occupiers. In 1944, Chanel, who was in her early sixties, was interrogated. She was suspected of... Read More

Book Review

Our Oldest Companions

by Rebecca Foster

In "Our Oldest Companions", Pat Shipman delves into the history of canine domestication, marveling that dogs have chosen to associate with humans. Focusing on coevolution and the dingoes of Australia, she illuminates “how mutually... Read More

Book Review

Porno Valley

by Randi Hacker

In Philip Elliott’s hard-boiled mystery Porno Valley, an aging private eye tracks down a missing porn star in a case that involves sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Mickey is seventy-eight and ready to retire when a young porn actress... Read More

Book Review

Colliding Worlds

by Rebecca Foster

“Planets are born from the chaos of countless collisions,” Simone Marchi writes in "Colliding Worlds", which cites everything from lunar craters to gold seams as evidence of interplanetary impacts. Space rocks have not existed from... Read More

Book Review

Autumn Leaves, 1922

by Claire Foster

"Autumn Leaves, 1922" is a sumptuous spy romp with an irresistible heroine. Glamorous gossip columnist Kiki is bereaved and beauty-starved when she returns to Paris from her mother’s deathbed in Australia. The jazz age is in full... Read More

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