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Book Review

A Children's Bible

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Imagination is a lifeboat, and complacency an albatross, in Lydia Millet’s visionary novel A Children’s Bible. A gaggle of families converge at an ocean-adjacent mansion for a summer of revelry and reconnections, bringing with them... Read More

Book Review

More Miracle than Bird

by Ho Lin

History has little to say about Georgie Hyde-Lees, the literary maven who crossed paths with Britain’s brightest artists and eventually became the wife (and muse) of poet William Butler Yeats. Alice Miller’s diverting "More Miracle... Read More

Book Review

A House Is a Body

by Ho Lin

Powered by intense imagery and jolts of frank sexuality, Shruti Swamy’s "A House Is a Body" blurs the line between fantastical and naturalistic storytelling with its tales of love, loss, and life lived across cultures. “Blindness”... Read More

Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

A story about sisters and undocumented immigrants, Julia Alvarez’s "Afterlife" evokes the loneliness of grief. A recent retiree and a writer, Antonia is coping with the loss of her husband. She’s also helping a young Mexican... Read More

Book Review

Everywhere You Don't Belong

by Tanisha Rule

Gabriel Bump’s Everywhere You Don’t Belong is a spiraling coming-of-age tale about abandonment and perseverance that highlights the moments that made its lead—and some that nearly broke him. A ridiculous opening fight between... Read More

Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Forty miles and a scenic ferry ride from Los Angeles lies Winter Island, whose residents can be transported back to the mainland in the case of an emergency. But it’s undecided what constitutes an emergency in Evangeline’s life: her... Read More

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