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Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

When love is great, its loss can consume you; so a family learns in Meredith Hall’s delicate, poignant novel, "Beneficence". Doris became a Senter the day her husband, Tup, brought her to his family farm. She was happy to settle into... Read More

Book Review

His Only Wife

by Samantha Ann Ehle

A brave young woman confronts modern-day sexism and classism in Peace Adzo Medie’s novel "His Only Wife". Left penniless after her father’s death, Afi and her mother survive thanks to the wealth of a benefactor, Aunty Faustina. When... Read More

Book Review

Fire and Vengeance

by Delia Stanley

In Robert McCaw’s winding thriller, a conflicted cop wrangles a conspiracy and a family emergency. When a volcanic vent explodes under an elementary school, it leaves ten children dead. There is evidence that people knew about the... Read More

Book Review

A Children's Bible

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Imagination is a lifeboat, and complacency an albatross, in Lydia Millet’s visionary novel A Children’s Bible. A gaggle of families converge at an ocean-adjacent mansion for a summer of revelry and reconnections, bringing with them... Read More

Book Review

More Miracle than Bird

by Ho Lin

History has little to say about Georgie Hyde-Lees, the literary maven who crossed paths with Britain’s brightest artists and eventually became the wife (and muse) of poet William Butler Yeats. Alice Miller’s diverting "More Miracle... Read More

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