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Book Review

Many Are Invited

by Karen Rigby

"Many Are Invited" is a fascinating psychological novel in which a man meddles in his married friends’ lives with disastrous consequences. In Dennis Cuesta’s beguiling and suspenseful novel "Many Are Invited", a man fuels a tragedy... Read More

Book Review


by Erika Harlitz Kern

Hermann Burger’s "Brenner" is an autobiographical novel about childhood traumas and the pleasures of smoking a cigar. Hermann Arbogast Brenner is the heir to a Swiss tobacco empire who is approaching his own end. Wrapping up his... Read More

Book Review

Remote Not Distant

by Joseph S. Pete

"Remote Not Distant" envisions a new kind of workplace wherein employees have more freedom, and are more productive, collaborative, and innovative, than ever before. Gustavo Razzetti’s business guide "Remote Not Distant" is about... Read More

Book Review

A Single Rose

by Meg Nola

In Muriel Barbery’s evocative novel "A Single Rose", a woman travels to Japan following the death of her father. Rose is forty, lives in France, and has never met her mysterious father, Haru; she only knows that he is Japanese and... Read More

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