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Book Review

A Single Rose

by Meg Nola

In Muriel Barbery’s evocative novel "A Single Rose", a woman travels to Japan following the death of her father. Rose is forty, lives in France, and has never met her mysterious father, Haru; she only knows that he is Japanese and... Read More

Book Review

Manchester Christmas

by Claire Foster

Stuffed to the seams with wholesome holiday cheer, "Manchester Christmas" is an adorable Christian romance set in a snow globe-worthy small town in Vermont. At the beginning of the fall, Chase, a cute-as-a-button writer, drives her... Read More

Book Review

American Dinosaur Abroad

by Rebecca Foster

In "American Dinosaur Abroad", Dutch historian of paleontology Ilja Nieuwland traces the rise of people’s obsession with dinosaurs by way of a set of plaster diplodocus casts that traveled around the world. The diplodocuses tell the... Read More

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